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Andy Frankenberger

The second heat in Group B of the PartyPoker Premier League Mixed Game Championship has come to an end and it is the reigning World Poker Tour Player of the Year, Andy Frankenberger, who has emerged triumphant and with maximum points.

Although Frankenberger is primarily a No Limit Hold’em player he took to Pot Limit Omaha like the proverbial duck to water and was most impressive with his play and showed that to be successful in any form of poker you need to be aggressive and exert as much pressure as possible on your opponents.

Frankenberger took some criticism for his play in the first heat but like being the model professional he shrugged it off and went back to doing what he does best, picking up chips at an alarming rate. Whilst some of his plays may not be seen as “standard” by the internet crowd, everything Mr Frankenberger does is highly effective and he has a unique ability to make people pay him off, as shown in one hand whilst heads up with Canadian Sorel Mizzi.

On a flop reading Mizzi checked to Frankenberger who then made it 60,000 to play. Mizzi made the call and the dealer placed the onto the turn. Mizzi checked again but Frankenberger paused for a few moments before betting 120,000 and again Mizzi called. The on the river saw Mizzi check for a third time and it was over to Frankenberger. According to Max Pescatori in the commentary booth the “standard” play would be to bet quite small in order to be paid off but Frankenberger bet the pot, a full 480,000, a bet that completely bamboozled Mizzi. He pondered his options for close to four minutes before calling with two pair only to see Frankenberger turn over a flopped full house! Well played sir!

This victory adds eight points to Frankenberger’s total and he now has 14 of them, enough to put him in second place behind Andrew Feldman who is on 19. Amazingly, Frankenberger is yet to use his double up card so he is in a great position to progress to Thursday’s final table and make it to the money and from there, who knows.

Frankenberger and his Group B opponents return to the felt on Wednesday evening for the third and final heat, which will be played to Pot Limit Hold’em. Join us from 1900 UK time for all the Group B action.

For a more detailed recap of the day’s proceedings, take a look at the live updates page.

Group B Standings

  • 1st: Andrew Feldman: 19 points*
  • 2nd: Andy Frankenberger: 14 points
  • 3rd: Mike Sexton: 9 points*
  • 4th: Sorel Mizzi: 8 points*
  • 5th: Ben Carpenter: 4 points*
  • 6th: Yevgeniy Timoshenko: 1 points

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