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PartyPoker Premier League Mixed Game Championship Live Updates


Sorel Mizzi Eliminated in 2nd Place


Sorel Mizzi raises to 90,000 and when Andy Frankenberger three-bets enough to put the Canadian all in Mizzi calls.


The flop extends Frankenberger’s lead and when the turn and river are the and respectively, Mizzi is eliminated.


Ten Minute Hand Ends In Monster Pot

On a flop reading Sorel Mizzi check-calls a 60,000 bet from Andy Frankenberger, leading us to the turn. Mizzi checks its arrival and Frankenberger makes it 120,000 to play and again Mizzi calls.

The river is the and again Mizzi checks. Frankenberger bets and bets big, making it 480,000 to play, and Mizzi does not look happy at all. He sits pondering his options for several minutes, counting out the chips required to call. Finally, after nearly four minutes he announces “Call,”.

Mizzi: for two pair
Frankenberger: for a flopped full house!

The 1,440,000 pot is shipped to Mr Frankenberger.


Mizzi Scoops 580,000 Chip Pot

The board reads and Frankenberger bets 130,000 into the 320,000 pot, sending Mizzi into the tank. He stays here for nearly three minutes and finally makes the call.

“Good call,” says Frankenberger who holds , which is beaten by Mizzi’s that had made a set of fives.

Mizzi now has 1,024,000 of the 1,800,000 chips in play.


More Check-Raising From Frankenberger

Both players are now eating at the table but Sorel Mizzi bets 60,000 in-between mouthfuls with his . Andy Frankenberger swallows some food and calls with .

The flop comes down and Frankenberger checks, Mizzi bets 60,000 and Frankenberger check-raises once again, this time to 180,000 and Mizzi quickly releases his hand to the muck.


Mizzi Folds Wrap

Sorel Mizzi says “I cannot fold this hand, I will bet 60,000” and he does just that. Andy Frankenberger says, “I too cannot fold this,” and he calls.

The dealer puts the flop out, and Frankenberger checks. Mizzi bets 60,000 only to see Frankenberger check-raise to 160,000. Mizzi folds, which shocks Max Pescatori because Mizzi held .

Frankenberger’s hand was .


Level Up

The blinds have been increased to 15,000/30,000.

Andy Frankenberger leads with 971,000 and Sorel Mizzi has 829,000.


No Big Match Ups

Max Pescatori in the commentary booth has just said he is amazed that there have been no real big match ups not only on the heads-up battle but during this heat as a whole. Whenever one player has held high cards the others have held low cards with no major clashes taking place.


Check-Raise Wins It For Frankenberger

A flop reading sees Frankenberger check with a set of queens holding and Sorel Mizzi bet 40,000 with his . Frankenberger sits motionless for several moments before making it 110,000 to play. Mizzi simply cannot call can he? The answer is no he cannot. Mizzi mucks.


Frankenberger Takes The Bait

Andy Frankenberger min-raises to 40,000 and Sorel Mizzi makes the call. A flop reading , a flop that Mizzi checks, Frankenberger continues with a 55,000 bet and Mizzi decides to just call.

The turn is the and will Mizzi check or bet? He checks. Frankenberger checks behind. The river is the and Mizzi checks for a third time. Frankenberger then bets 110,000 and Mizzi instantly calls.

Frankenberger shows for air and Mizzi turns over for a winning flush.


Mizzi Straightens Up

Again, Sorel Mizzi raises to 40,000 from the button and Andy Frankenberger calls. The flop comes down , Frankenberger checks, Mizzi bets 40,000 putting the pressure onto Frankenberger. He calls.

The turn is the , improving Mizzi’s straight. Frankenberger checks and Mizzi bets 130,000 into the 160,000 pot. Frankenberger considers his options whilst sat staring at his stack. It does not take long for him to pass.


Mizzi Finds Kings

Sorel Mizzi makes it 40,000 to play and Andy Frankenberger three-bets the pot and makes it 120,000 to play. Mizzi re-checks his cards and sits with his arms folded before picking up some chips with his right hand, chips worth 365,000.

What will Frankenberger do now? He can fold and still have a decent stack, which is exactly what he does.

Mizzi now has 906,000 chips and they are neck-and-neck at the moment.


Mizzi Raising 100% of Buttons

Sorel Mizzi raises to 40,000 and Andy Frankenberger calls. The flop sees Frankenberger check, Mizzi bet 40,000 and Frankenberger quickly folds.


Frankenberger bets On Scare Card

The flop is and Frankenberger is about to act. He checks his holecards and finds looking back at him. He checks.

Sorel Mizzi checks too, he holds . The turn is the and Frankenberger bets 55,000. Mizzi does not want to pay this and he folds.


Advantage Mizzi


Sorel Mizzi raises to 40,000 only to see Andy Frankenberger comes over the top and make it 120,000 after saying “I raise the pot.” Mizzi re-checks his cards not once but twice before moving all in, and Frankenberger calls.


The flop comes down [3dh] gifting Mizzi trip threes but the on the turn opens up a lot of possibilities for Frankenberger. The on the river is safe for Mizzi and he doubles up.


Frankenberger Check-Raise Takes Down Pot

Mizzi raises to 30,000 with and Andy Frankenberger defends with in the big blind. Frankenberger checks the flop, Mizzi makes a continuation bet of 30,000 but he quickly folds when Frankenberger check-raises to 90,000.


Mike Sexton Eliminated in 3rd Place


Mike Sexton is all in for 60,000 and both his opponents have called.


The flop comes down and both active players check. The on the turn puts Mizzi into the lead with two pairs and the on the river ends Sexton’s night and we are now heads up.

Mizzi has 696,000 chips, Frankenberger 1,104,000 chips


Sexton Crippled By Frankenberger

On a board reading Mike Sexton checks to Andy Frankenberger who from behind his sunglasses says, “Pot,” which means he has bet 180,000. This rocks Sexton and he has a big decision to make here as it will cost him a large percentage of his stack.

After almost four minutes Sexton says, “You either have a full house or nothing,” before adding, “and I think you have nothing,”

He then grabs a pile of chips and says “I cannot fold,” and he makes the call.

Frankenberger turns over for a straight and Sexton mucks .

Sexton now has 202,000 and Frankenberger is up to 1,100,000.


Andrew Feldman Eliminated in 4th Place


Sorel Mizzi opens to 30,000, Andy Frankenberger calls. Andrew Feldman raises pot to 120,000 only to see Mizzi makes it 310,000 to play and when Frankenberger folds, Feldman calls all in.


The flop puts Mizzi in the lead but any six or king will win it for Feldman. The turn is the and the river and with that Feldman is no longer in this heat.


Feldman Folds Best Hand

Andrew Feldman raises to 30,000 and then calls Andrew Feldman’s three-bet to 90,000. After the preflop action both players checking on the flop was a slight disappointment. The on the turn shook Frankenberger back into life and he bets the pot, 180,000 and it is going to cost Feldman his entire stack to call.

“ I think you hit those jacks,” said Feldman, trying to get something out of Frankenberger but the American is not biting.

Feldman talks himself into folding the best hand, he held and he throws it into the muck. Frankenberger’s hand? .


Mizzi Doubles Through Sexton

Sorel Mizzi raises in the small blind then calls when Mike Sexton three-bets enough to put him all in.


Mizzi is in good shape to double up, and is now in great shape as the flop comes down , the turn keeps the Canadian in front and the river is completely safe too. Mizzi doubles up.


Sexton Drags In Monster Pot

Andrew Feldman makes it 30,000 to play with , Sorel Mizzi calls with only to see Mike Sexton raise to 135,000 with his . Both players call and a massive 420,000 chip pot is created.

Flop: – Sexton instantly moves all in with top two pair. Feldman snap-folds and Mizzi gets out of the way also, albeit after 20 seconds of deliberation.

Chips at the end of that hand are:

Andrew Frankenberger:819,000
Mike Sexton: 593,000
Andrew Feldman: 288,000
Sorel Mizzi: 100,000


Mizzi Targets Feldman Part Two

Andrew Feldman raises to 32,000 and Sorel Mizzi three-bets to 96,000. A frustrated looking Feldman looks like he make a move with his but he ultimately folds.

It was probably for the best as Mizzi was sat waiting with .


Mizzi Targets Feldman

Andrew Feldman raises to 20,000 and to his direct left is Sorel Mizzi. He looks down at and three-bets to 70,000 and Feldman gets out of the way.


Sexton Utilises Power Of Position

Sorel Mizzi open-limps in the small blind and Mike Sexton checks his option to bet. A flop reading is check-called by Mizzi when Sexton bets 10,000. The on the river is checked by both players and Mizzi checks the arrival of the on the river. Sexton bets 25,000 and Mizzi instantly folds.


Fish And Chips

Andy Frankenberger: 664,000
Andrew Feldman: 473,000
Mike Sexton: 413,000
Sorel Mizzi: 250,000


Sorel Mizzi Doubles Up

A preflop raising war develops between Sorel Mizzi and Andrew Feldman that results in Mizzi being all in and at risk of elimination.


Mizzi is actually in a lot of trouble here because Mike Sexton passed a pair of queens so it is going to take a mini-miracle if he is still in this tournament after this hand plays out.

Flop: – Mizzi spikes two pair and takes the lead.



Mizzi doubles to 250,000 and is a threat in this tournament once again.


Marvin Rettenmaier Serenades A Playboy Bunny 1/2

Marvin Rettenmaier stopped by last night to serenade one of the Playboy Bunnies, this is how it went.


Yevgeniy Timoshenko Eliminated in 5th Place

Andrew Feldman min-raises to 20,000 and Yevgeniy Timoshenko three-bets to 65,000, Feldman puts him all in and Timoshenko is all in for a total of 116,000.


The five community cards read and Timoshenko is eliminated and will need to win, whilst using his double up card, in tomorrow’s Pot Limit Hold’em tournament.


Sexton Still Picking Up Chips

Holding Yevgeniy Timoshenko raises from the button and both Mike Sexton with and Andrew Frankenberger with . Sexton leads out with a 35,000 bet, which is enough to get the job done for the living poker legend!


Feldman Opens Up His Game

First in, Andrew Feldman min-raises to 20,000 and his only customer is Mike Sexton in the big blind. The flop comes down , Sexton checks, Feldman bets 22,000 and Sexton gets out of the way.

Feldman has been very active since returning from the break, keep your eye on him.


Mizzi Takes Down Preflop Pot Without A Fight


Sorel Mizzi raises to 35,000 with and picks up the blinds. The players seem content with settling matters preflop or with a standard continuation bet. However, they are running out of time to make moves as they become shorter and shorter stacked.


Blinds Are Now 5,000/10,000

The blinds are going to be really biting at everyone’s stacks now, prepare for some all in confrontations!


Break Time

The players have been sent on a break, rejoin us shortly when we will bring you the rest of this tournament at the Playboy Club London.


Timoshenko and Sexton Go Head To Head

Yevgeniy Timoshenko raises to and Mike Sexton calls, next to act, with . The flop comes down and Timoshenko checks. Sexton checks behind and it is off to the turn we go.

The turn locks up the hand for Sexton but Timoshenko does not know that and he bets 20,000 and Sexton quickly calls. The river is the and will Timoshenko bet again or will he give up on the hand? It looks like he has given up because he has checked. Sexton bets small, 25,000 and Timoshenko releases his hand.


“Are You Picking On Me Because I Am Old?”

The action folds to the Ukrainian Yevgeniy Timoshenko and he raises it up with and Sexton defends with . The first three community cards read and Timoshenko takes a stab at the pot with a continuation bet but Sexton does not believe he has the good and he calls.

The on the turn prompts a check from Timoshenko but it improves Sexton’s hand and he rightly bets, making it 12,000 to play. Timoshenko folds and Sexton helps himself to the pot.

“Are you picking on me because I am old?” jokes Sexton, “Don’t pick on a senior citizen!”

Sexton may be one of the older players on the circuit but the Poker Hall of Fame member certainly still has the game to keep up the younger generation.


Cagey Affair

Despite being down to five-handed play, those still in this heat are playing rather cagey. There seems to be no big bets at the moment, hopefully that will change shortly!


Frankenberger Check-Raises Timoshenko Off Top Pair


Yevgeniy Timoshenko makes it 14,000 to play from the button with and Andy Frankenberger makes the call in the big blind with [Xx]. After burning a card the dealer puts out the flop and Frankenberger checks. Timoshenko bets 15,000 with his top pair but quickly folds when Frankenberger check-raises to 32,000.


No Customers For Frankenberger

From under the gun Andy Frankenberger raises to 14,000 with but nobody wants to play with him and they all quickly get rid of their hands.


Feldman Changes Gears

Andrew Feldman raises for the third hand in a row, this time making it 14,000 to play with and Andy Frankenberger makes a loose call in the big blind with . The flop comes down and Frankenberger check-folds to Feldman’s 19,000 bet.


Feldman Takes Down A Simple Hand

Andrew Feldman raises to 14,000 and Yevgeniy Timoshenko makes the call. On a flop reading Timoshenko checks with and then folds when Feldman bets 19,000 with his .


Mizzi Knows Exactly Where He Is In The Hand

Sorel Mizzi raises to 12,000 with the monster hand that is . Next to act is Yevgeniy Timoshenko and he makes the call with and Frankenberger feels compelled to call in the big blind with his .

Flop: – Frankenberger checks, Mizzi makes a continuation bet of 26,000, Timoshenko calls and Frankenberger gets out of the way.

Turn: – Mizzi checks the turn and Timoshenko sits thinking about how to extract the most value with his flush. He thinks for almost 90 seconds before making it 39,000 to play but before his chips have hit the felt Mizzi has mucked.

“You could have acted in one second or three minutes I was folding anyway,” says Mizzi!


Level Up And Chip Counts

The blinds are now 3,000/6,000 and the players chips are as follows:

Andy Frankenberger: 602,000
Andrew Feldman: 405,000
Mike Sexton: 372,000
Sorel Mizzi: 221,000
Yevgeniy Timoshenko: 208,000


Ben Carpenter Eliminated in 6th Place

The board reads and Andy Frankenberger checks over to Ben Carpenter who also checks. The river is an innocuous looking but upon its arrival Frankenberger bets 57,000. Carpenter pauses for 45 seconds before moving all in for 209,000 and he is instantly called by the current WPT Player of the Year!


Frankenberger had turned a full house and Carpenter’s timing is way off and he has been eliminated. Before he leaves the tournament area he states he thought Frankenberger held king-eight and he was trying to force him off this hand.

Carpenter is now really against it and nothing short of a win will likely be good enough to see him reach Thursday’s final table.


Updated Chip Counts

  • Andrew Feldman: 412,000
  • Mike Sexton: 374,000
  • Andy Frankenberger: 346,000
  • Ben Carpenter: 253,000
  • Sorel Mizzi: 227,000
  • Yevgeniy Timoshenko: 182,000


Good Call By Carpenter

On a flop reading Ben Carpenter bets 4,000 and Sorel Mizzi calls, so the dealer puts out the on the turn. Carpenter now checks then calls when Mizzi bets 11,000. The completes the community cards and Carpenter checks to Mizzi again and the Canadian keeps up with his story and he bets 22,000, sending Carpenter into the tank.

He asks is Mizzi has jack-nine before putting his sunglasses on and a minute later he calls.

Mizzi says “jacks” as he turns over but he loses to Carpenter’s .


Old Guard vs Young Gun

Nobody likes their hand and they fold, that is until the action reaches Yevgeniy Timoshenko in the small blind. He looks at his and decides it is good enough to raise to 12,000. Mike Sexton is in the big blind and he makes the call with .

Flop: – Timoshenko checks, Sexton bets 15,000 and Timoshenko calls.

Turn: – Timoshenko checks, Sexton ups the antes and makes it 25,000 to play and Timoshenko makes the call, albeit after more than a minute of deliberation.

River: – Timoshenko checks again but Sexton knows his flush is good and he bets 50,000 chips, which gives Timoshenko something to think about. He thinks for close to a minute before folding his two pair.


Mizzi Represents Aces

The action folds to Ben Carpenter in the small blind and he raises into his opponent holding . Sorel Mizzi is the big blind and he three-bets to 26,000, a price that Carpenter is prepared to pay.

Flop: – Carpenter checks to Mizzi, who bets 32,000 and this is enough to fold out Mr Carpenter.


Nice Flop For Carpenter

From the button Andy Frankenberger raises to 9,000 with and Ben Carpenter defends his big blind with by three-betting to 17,000. Frankenberger calls but quickly folds when he faces a 22,000 bet on a flop.


Sexton Turns Straight But Receives No Action

Sorel Mizzi makes it 8,000 to play and both Mike Sexton and Andrew Feldman call. The dealer puts the flop out onto the table, . Feldman checks, Mizzi checks and Sexton checks.

The turn card is the and Feldman checks again, as does Mizzi but both players fold when Sexton bets 24,000.



Carpenter Turns Set

On a board reading Andy Frankenberger leads into Ben Carpenter with a 12,000 bet, but he did not bank on Ben Carpenter turning a set with , a set that he raises to 34,000 with. Frankenberger as an eight himself but not much more and he gets out of the way.


Would Feldman Have Folded To A Big Bet?

Andrew Feldman makes it 10,000 to play with and then calls when Ben Carpenter three-bets to 24,000 with . The flop reads and Feldman checks to his opponent. Carpenter checks behind.

The in the turn is checked by both players, as is the on the river.

Upon seeing Feldman’s hand, Carpenter asks, “Would you have folded?”

“Depends on what you bet,” came the reply. Max Pescatori in the commentary booth commented how Feldman would probably have folded if Carpenter had bet the pot.


Level Up And Chip Counts

The first level of play has come to an end and the blinds have been increased to 1,500/3,000.

Here is how the players chips look right now:

  • Andrew Feldman: 363,000
  • Andy Frankenberger: 347,000
  • Mike Sexton: 325,000
  • Sorel Mizzi: 274,000
  • Yevgeniy Timoshenko: 254,000
  • Ben Carpenter: 237,000


Mizzi Wins Multiway Hand

Sorel Mizzi opens the betting with a raise to 7,000 with and is called by Yevgeniy Timoshenko, Andrew Feldman and Ben Carpenter. The flop comes down , Feldman checks, Mizzi bets 13,000 and his opponents fold quicker than the speed origami championships.


Feldman Continues To Play Aggressively

Andy Frankenberger limps in but Andrew Feldman raises to 9,000. Next to act is Ben Carpenter and he calls, as does Frankenberger so it is three-handed to the flop. Frankenberger checks, Feldman bets 21,000 with his and his opponents fold


Feldman Aggression Pays Off

Andy Frankenberger raises to 6,000 preflop and then calls when Andrew Feldman three-bets to 16,000. The flop comes down and Frankenberger checks to Feldman, who wastes no time in betting 21,000. As quickly as Feldman bet, Frankenberger folded.

Feldman made the move with , Frankenberger folded


Sexton Finds Aces, Gets Paid Off

Mike Sexton opens the betting with a raise to 6,000 with and is called by Ben Carpenter who holds . A flop reading is checked by both players. The on the turn sees Carpenter bet 7,000 and Sexton call. The on the river Carpenter fires again, increasing his bet to 18,000 but he folds very quickly when Sexton raises to 45,000.


Andy Frankenberger Talks To PartyPoker


Kings Good For Frankenberger

Andy Frankenberger raises to 5,000 and Ben Carpenter makes the call. A flop reading is greeted with a check from Frankenberger, a 16,000 bet from Carpenter and a call from Frankenberger.

The flop brings the into play and Frankenberger decides to check again. Carpenter taps the table and checks behind. The river receives the same attention, both players check.




Feldman Backs Into Full House

Andrew Feldman opens from the button with a raise to 6,000 holding the raggedy and Sorel Mizzi calls in the big blind with his . The flop comes down giving Mizzi a flush but he checks to Feldman, who bets 7,000 and Mizzi calls.

The turn card is the and Mizzi checks to Feldman again and Feldman checks behind. The on the river gifts Feldman a full house so he must be delighted when Mizzi bets 12,000. Feldman pauses for a few moments before raising to 34,000, a bet that Mizzi does not pay off and he mucks his hand.


The Cards Are In The Air

The cards are in the air and Group B Heat 2 is underway. The players are seated as follows:

  • Seat 1: Andrew Feldman
  • Seat 2: Ben Carpenter
  • Seat 3: Sorel Mizzi
  • Seat 4: Yevgeniy Timoshenko
  • Seat 5: Mike Sexton
  • Seat 6: Andy Frankenberger


Hello and welcome back to the Playboy Club where in a few moments time the players from Group B of the PartyPoker Premier League Mixed Game Championship will return to their seats and battle it out in a six-handed Pot Limit Omaha tournament.

Yesterday saw Andrew Feldman stage an epic comeback to come from rock bottom to taking down the tournament and putting himself in pole position for a place at Thursday’s final table. Feldman used his double up card so finds himself at the top of the leaderboard with 16 points, his nearest rival being Andy Frankenberger on six points.

Today Mike Sexton has suggested he will use his double up card and Yevgeniy Timoshenko has also hinted this could be his time to use his double up card also, and the latter needs to pick up points having come sixth in Heat 1 and therefore picking up zero points.

The players are just having a few photographs taken and we will be underway shortly, Join us in a few minutes for all the action from Group B Heat 2.


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