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James Dempsey Wins Heat 3


James “Flushy” Dempsey has won Heat 3 and Group A overall, finishing with a total of 24 points, a very impressive total by anyone’s standard and he will be one player who the rest of Thursday’s final table will be looking to avoid.


Matt Giannetti Eliminated in 2nd Place


James Dempsey raises to 80,000 on the button, Matt Giannetti says “pot” but before he can move chips forward Dempsey has come over the top and Giannetti calls.


The flop is almost completely fatal to the November Niner and when the lands on the turn Giannetti stands and shakes the hand of his opponent. The on the river has no bearing on anything and with that Group A is done and dusted.


Dempsey Turning The Screw

James Dempsey is certainly in control of this match, not only is he pushing Matt Giannetti, he is also making sure that he does not have to call off a three-bet shove with marginal hands. We feel it is only a matter of time before Dempsey wins this match.


Giannetti Fading As Blinds Increase

There have still been no real hands of note and it appears the players are looking for that sledgehammer blow to wither knock one of them out or double up, in the case of Matt Giannetti.

The blinds have increased to 20,000/40,000 and Giannetti only has nine big blinds right now and is in desperate need of a double up.


Dempsey Doubles

James Dempsey finds and raises to 60,000. Matt Giannetti has and he three-bets to 180,000. Dempsey moves all in and Giannetti instantly calls.

The flop comes down , all but locking up the hand for Dempsey and he is guaranteed to win when the lands on the turn. The meaningless is the river card and Dempsey doubles up.


Giannetti Puts Dempsey To The Test

James Dempsey raises to 60,000 with but the Brit folds when Matt Giannetti three-bets for the second time in two hands, this time he makes the move with and Dempsey quickly folds.


Still No Flops

We are still to see a flop at the moment after around 12 hands of heads up play, every pot has been settled with a standard raise with a couple of hands being three-bet.


Dempsey Plays Back At Giannetti

Matt Giannetti raises to 60,000 from the button like his has done for the past three hands but this time James Dempsey three-bets him to 180,000 with and Giannetti folds his .


We Are Back

The players are back in their seats, James Dempsey trails Matt Giannetti by 575,000 to 1,225,000 chips.


Dinner Break

James Dempsey and Matt Giannetti have been sent on an hour’s dinner break, so rejoin us around 16:45 UK time when the action will restart


Jennifer Tilly Eliminated in 3rd Place


Jennifer Tilly is all in with and is up against the of Matt Giannetti and if the latter wins this hand then we will know who from Group A is going to make it through to the final table!

The flop is superb for both player, Giannetti pairing his ace but Tilly flopping a set of sixes! The turn is the but Giannetti has to hit an ace and only an ace or Tilly doubles up. The river is the and Giannetti has gone runner-runner to bust Tilly from the heat and from the tournament as a whole. Amazing stuff!


Tilly Wins Blinds, Still Short

Tilly moves all in with pocket fives, but James Dempsey does not want to make the call with just queen-four. Tilly has around eight big blinds.


Final Three Chip Counts

Matt Giannetti: 1,025,000
James Dempsey: 597,000
Jennifer Tilly: 178,000


Tony G Eliminated in 4th Place


Tony G raises to 60,00 with and after James Dempsey folds Matt Giannetti three-bets then calls when Tony G shoves. Giannetti has .

A huge gamble by Tony G but he has to try and take Giannetti out otherwise he cannot progress to the final. The first three community cards are the which is almost as bad as it gets for Tony G because he now needs runner-runner cards The on the turn locks up the hand for Giannetti and the on the river completes the hand and Tony G is no more.


Tony G Very Active

Jennifer Tilly makes it 70,000 to play from the button putting the action on Tony G in the small blind. He moves all in for 366,000 with ace-four offsuit. Tilly puts her hands on the top of her head before mucking her .


Tilly Doubles Through Tony G

Matt Giannetti raises to 54,000 from under the gun, next to act is Jennifer Tilly and she three-bets all in for 94,000 chips in total. Tony G four-bets all in for 450,000 and Matt Giannetti folds.

Tony G:




Tilly doubles up but Giannetti would have busted out Tilly as he held ace-deuce and would have hit a straight in the river.


Max Pescatori Eliminated in 5th Place


It is three handed to the and Tony G checks. Max Pescatori also checks but Matt Giannetti makes it 44,000 to play. This folds out Tony G but Pescatori check-raises to 120,000! Giannetti moves all in and Pescatori instantly calls!


The dealer gets busy putting out the on the turn and then the on the river and Pescatori has been eliminated but he will be back on Thursday for the final table. It also means that Tony G has to win and Giannetti has to finish in third or lower or Tony G cannot make it to the final!


Tony G Three-Bets Light

Matt Giannetti raises to 30,000 from the button with but he folds without batting an eyelid when Tony G three-bets him to 105,000 with the huge hand that is .

This is a very interesting battle because Tony G needs Matt Giannetti out of this tournament soon if he wants to progress to the final table.


Fish And Chips

James Dempsey: 634,000
Tony G: 416,000
Matt Giannetti: 390,000
Max Pescatori: 221,000
Jennifer Tilly: 129,000


James Dempsey Doubles Up!

Max Pescatori opens the betting with a raise to 42,000 only to see James Dempsey three-bet to 186,000. The action folds back to Pescatori and he moves all in and Dempsey makes the call.


Flop: – Dempsey pairs his jack but it is not enough.

Turn: – Boom! Dempsey takes the lead and is going to be the chip leader here.

River: – Dempsey doubles up with two pairs, cracking Pescatori’s queen.


Dempsey Pays Off Tony G

James Dempsey raises to 30,000 and Tony G flat-calls and it is heads up to the . Tony G checks to Dempsey, who has made a pair of sevens with his checks behind. Our turn card is the and Tony G, holding , checks then calls when Dempsey takes a 40,000 stab at the pot.

The river is the , oh my! Tony G hits a very unlikely set and he quickly bets 35,000. Dempsey, who now has two pair, thinks for a minute before calling but he does not look happy about it and even less so when he is shown a set of sixes.


Blinds Up

The blinds are now 7,000/15,000 and that is bad news for the shorter stacks.


Dempsey Lays Down Best Hand

James Dempsey raises to 28,000 with and to his direct left is Matt Giannetti and the WPT Malta Champion three-bets to 80,000 with just and after thinking about what action he should take for over 90 seconds, Dempsey folds.


Luke Schwartz Eliminated in 6th Place


Luke Schwartz puts his last 8,000 into the middle with and is called by Jennifer Tilly who holds .

The final board runs out and with that the highly entertaining Schwartz has been eliminated from the tournament entirely. Good game sir.


Pescatori Prices Out Tony G

Max Pescatori raises from under the gun with and Tony G defends in the big blind with . The flop is checked by Tony G, Pescatori bets 25,000 and Tony G calls.

The turn is the and Tony G checks again. Pescatori makes it 75,000 to play and Tony G reluctantly mucks, once again Pescatori has priced his opponent out of the pot.


Tilly Doubles Up Through James Dempsey

James Dempsey raises to 27,000 with and then calls when Jennifer Tilly moves all in for 53,000 with .




Tilly doubles up and is up to 111,000 chips, or 11 big blinds and she certainly is not out of this heat yet.


Tilly Shoves

Jennifer Tilly moves her four big blinds into the middle of the felt with but cannot find any customers and she picks up the blinds.

“I just wanted to get out of here. I want to go see my family,” she says laughing.


Giannetti Is All In!

Matt Giannetti raises to 20,000 with and after Jennifer Tilly folds Tony G calls with his and Max Pescatori comes along for the ride with . A flop reading [55] is checked by all three players but when the hits the turn, Pescatori bets 70,000 into his opponents. Giannetti is reaching for chips and he’s gone all in for 285,000 chips! Tony G snap-folds but Pescatori is pondering a call here.

He rubs his beard and says “I fold,” and flicks his cards towards the dealer.


Preflop Poker

The first three hands have seen Max Pescatori raise and take the blinds, Luke Schwartz do the same and then Tony G picking up the blinds with a raise. A cagey restart.


Chip Counts

  • Max Pescatori: 613,000
  • Tony G: 299,000
  • Matt Giannetti: 295,000
  • James Dempsey: 291,000
  • Luke Schwartz: 249,000
  • Jennifer Tilly: 53,000

Blinds are now 5,000/10,000.


Break Time

The players are on a 15-25 minute break. Rejoin us then for the conclusion of Group A Heat 3.


Giannetti Flop Raise Takes Down Four-Way Pot

On a flop, Tony G leads out with a 10,000 bet with , James Dempsey calls with but Matt Giannetti holds and he raises to 64,000. This is too much for Tilly to call and she mucks, Tony G folds and James Dempsey comments how if Tony G had checked the flop they would have been able to see a turn card and he folds too.


Stack’em High

According to Jennifer Tilly, if you find yourself short-stacked you should stack all of your chips on top of each other and create “a radio tower to the poker gods” and the rest of the chips will be attracted to it. You heard it here first.


Tony G Flops Nuts But Doesn’t Get Paid

A button raise from Matt Giannetti with is called by Tony G in the big blind, the Lithuanian holding [9s. After burning a card the dealer puts out the flop, and Tony G has flopped the nut straight, but can he get paid off?

He checks to Giannetti who does not take the bait and he checks back. The turn is the and Giannetti could find himself doubling up Tony G here! Tony G checks to Giannetti, much to the shock of Andrew Feldman who is watching form the commentary booth, and Giannetti taps the table and checks behind.

Our river card is the and that will kill the action. Tony G bets 80,000 and Giannetti gets out of the way. An opportunity to bust Giannetti lost there?


Who Has All The Chips?

Max Pescatori: 573,000
Matt Giannetti: 366,000
James Dempsey: 308,000
Tony G: 279,000
Luke Schwartz: 207,000
Jennifer Tilly: 67,000


Dempsey Four-Bet Shoves

Matt Giannetti opens with a raise from under the gun with and he is called by Tony G and Max Pescatori but Luke Schwartz thinks his is strong enough to three-bet squeeze. Next to act is James Dempsey and he four-bets all in for 188,000, wow what a move!

Giannetti could call here but will he do so knowing he can fold and find a better spot, especially as he has his double up card on the line. He folds after 30 seconds and everyone else follows suit. Dempsey chips back up and is back to around his starting stack.


Tilly Doubles Through Dempsey

From the button James Dempsey raises to 15,000 and when Matt Giannetti folds his small blind Jennifer Tilly three-bets all in for 41,000. Dempsey could be priced in here against the shortest stack at the table and he calls!


Tilly holds the advantage but it is far from over yet.

Flop: – The flop is very safe for Tilly who is constantly pleading for an “ace, ace, ace, ace!”

Turn: – Another blank for Tilly but she will not be happy unless she hits an ace!

River: – No ace but the five is just as good because Tilly doubles up and has a little more breathing room.


Dempsey Helps Himself To Pot

From Seat 4, Luke Schwartz raises first in from the button with and it looks like James Dempsey is going to three-bet with his but instead he just calls. Matt Giannetti folds and the dealer puts out the flop.

Dempsey checks to Schwartz and the man known as Full Flush checks behind. There is no such action when the lands on the river, instead Dempsey bets 20,000 and Schwartz mucks without much thought.


Pescatori Slow Plays Against Tilly

Max Pescatori raises to 10,000 with and surprisingly Jennifer Tilly makes the call with , surprising only because she is very short stacked right now and cannot really afford to be calling bets out of position.

The flop comes down and both players check. The turn is also checked but when Tilly checks to Pescatori on the arrival of the in the river Pescatori bets 15,000 and Tilly passes.


Dempsey Is A Tony G Fan

There has been a little lull in the action but the players are still in good spirits. James Dempsey has revealed that he only watches televised poker is Tony G is on it and that if Tony G does not make it to the final here he will not watch it! Even if Tony G does not make it be sure to tune in anyway as there will still be some fantastic players present, even if we are a little biased in those thoughts!


Chip Counts

Max Pescatori: 501,000
Matt Giannetti: 425,000
Tony G: 333,000
Luke Schwartz: 255,000
James Dempsey: 232,000
Jennifer Tilly: 54,000


Pescatori Prices Out Dempsey

Max Pescatori has picked up and he raises to 10,000. To his direct left is Luke Schwartz and he shapes to three-bet with his but his cards find their way to the muck. James Dempsey is in Seat 5 and he does three-bet, making it 27,000 to play with Td]. The action folds back to Pescatori and he four-bets to 87,000, which Andrew Feldman in the commentary booth says is much too high and it seems like he is correct because Dempsey wastes very little time in mucking his hand.


Schwartz Chips Up

Luke Schwartz holds pocket queens and he bets 15,000 on a flop. Tony G makes the call with a pair of deuces but Max Pescatori folds his . The on the turn sees both players check but when the hits the turn, Schwartz makes a value bet of 25,000 but Tony G decides to pass.


Tilly Runs Into Quads

On a board, Jennifer Tilly leads into her opponents with a 25,000 bet. She holds the best hand right now with but Tony G still has outs with his . Luke Schwartz folds and it is heads up to the , WOW! Tony G has been running great and now he has rivered quads and Tilly could be in serious trouble here! She checks then folds when Tony G fires a 77,000 bet.

Tilly has been extremely unfortunate so far today, having made two club flushes and running into a full house and now quads! She is down to 60,000 chips and is on the ropes here at the Playboy Club London


Tony G Takes On Giannetti

Matt Giannetti raises preflop holding and Tony G calls with , which flops a flush draw on the flop. Tony G checks to the current WPT Malta champion and the New Yorker bets 15,000 but snap-folds when Tony G check-raises to 50,000.

Tony G said before the start of this heat that he was going to target Giannetti at every opportunity because Giannetti has his double-up card in play and is a major threat to Tony’s progression in this competition.


Another Big Hand With No Action For Tony G

Luke Schwartz peels back his cards and thinks are worth a raise to 9,000, and he finds callers in the shape of Matt Giannetti and Jennifer Tilly. Tony G, who has been catching cards finds black aces in the hole and he squeezes again and makes it 45,000. Everyone folds and Tony G picks up another pot uncontested.


Pescatori’s Rags Win Substantial Pot

Max Pescatori opens with Luke Schwartz calls as does James Dempsey, Matt Giannetti and Jennifer Tilly. The flop comes down and the entire table checks. The turn brings another three into play, the , Giannetti checks, Tilly bets 40,000 with and only Pescatori calls, the Italian holding .

Tilly checks, Pescatori makes it just 40,000 and Tilly asks, “What do you have? A busted flush draw?”but she folds.


Level Up And Chip Counts

The first level has been completed and the players are now paying blinds of 1,500/3,000.

The current chip counts are:

Matt Giannetti: 450,000
Max Pescatori: 333,000
Tony G: 320,000
James Dempsey: 301,000
Luke Schwartz: 235,000
Jennifer Tilly: 161,000


Giannetti Running Hot

Matt Giannetti makes it 6,000 to play with and Tony G makes a loose call with just . A flop reading gifting Giannetti a set of nines and Tony G check-folds to Giannetti’s 8,000 continuation bet.


What a Waste

Holding Jennifer Tilly raises to 6,000 only to see Tony G three-bet to 20,000. His holding? , his fourth big hand so far, but like in the previous three, nobody else has a hand they can play back with and he takes down a small preflop pot.

“What a waste,” says Tony G in-between bites of his sandwich. What a waste indeed Mr Guoga.


Huge Pot For Giannetti

Luke Schwartz opens to 6,000 and the next three players to his left call, James Dempsey, Matt Giannetti and Jennifer Tilly.

Flop: – Giannetti checks having flopped trips with , Tilly checks, Schwartz bets 16,000 and Dempsey folds. Giannetti makes the call but Till senses an opportunity to steal the pot with her and she raises to 55,000, a bet that only Giannetti calls.

Turn: – The turn completes Tilly’s flush and it is no surprise that Giannetti checks to her. Tilly is reaching for chips, she bets. The bet is 80,000 and Giannetti really has a decision to make her. It’s a decision that has taken two minutes, he makes the call and will need the board to pair or to hit quads to win this hand.

River: – The board does pair and Giannetti has the hand locked up. He checks to Tilly, who checks behind. Giannetti scoops the monster pot and is now the overwhelming chipleader with 452,000 chips.


No Action For Tony G

Matt Giannetti raises to 6,000 with and is called by Jennifer Tilly who is planning on seeing a flop with . Next to act is Tony G and he has found in the hole and he makes it 25,000 to play, but will any of his opponents call? The answer is no, both Giannetti and Tilly fold.


Giannetti Three-bets Dempsey

James Dempsey opens to 6,000 with in the cutoff and Matt Giannetti three-bets to 17,000 with . Dempsey makes the call and it is heads up to the flop. Dempsey checks to Giannetti and the November Niner continues with a 23,000 bet, a bet that Dempsey will not pay and he mucks his hand. Good fold sir.


Tilly Double Barrels

Jennifer Tilly opens to 6,000 with and both Luke Schwartz and Matt Giannetti come along for the round. Tilly leads out with a bet of 10,000, which prices out Schwartz but Giannetti makes the call.

The turn is the and Tilly fires again, making it 25,000 to play and Giannetti quickly folds.


First Blood To Pescatori

From under the gun, Max Pescatori raises to 6,000 with and he finds callers in the shape of Matt Giannetti, Jennifer Tilly and Tony G. The dealer gets busy putting out the , which is the perfect board for Pescatori and after Tilly and Tony G fold, the Italian bets 17,000, which is enough to fold out the rest of the table, though Tony G looked like he was planning on making a move with the monster that is .


Players Are Taking Their Seats

The players are at the table and having some last minute touch ups to their make up and some photographs being taken. We should be under way in the next few moments.

When they cards are in the air the players will be seats as follows:

Seat 1: Jennifer Tilly
Seat 2: Tony G
Seat 3: Max Pescatori
Seat 4: Luke Schwartz
Seat 5: James Dempsey
Seat 6: Matt Giannetti



Hello and welcome back to the Playboy Club London where in under an hour the third and final heat from Group A of the PartyPoker Premier League Mixed Game Championship will kick off and what a treat we have in store today because literally anyone can go through to the final table!

Max Pescatori is through regardless of what happens as he has 19 points and James Dempsey is all but through, another two points and he is guaranteed a place in the final six. But both Tony G and Luke Schwartz could still go through if they win and Matt Giannetti or Jennifer Tilly bust out early and fail to capitalise on the fact they have their double up cards in play.

Today sees the play switch to Pot Limit Hold’em and it will be very interesting to see how each of the players approach this encounter, it should be very interesting indeed. Play is scheduled to begin at around 1030-1100 so put the kettle on, make yourself a cup of tea or coffee and join us for all the action from the Playboy Club London.

Group A Standings

1st: Max Pescatori: 19 points*
2nd: James Dempsey: 16 points*
3rd: Tony G: 8 points*
4th: Matt Giannetti: 7 points
5th: Luke Schwartz: 6 points*
6th: Jennifer Tilly: 3 points


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