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The PartyPoker League is almost over, and all that is left to do is crown the Tournament of Champions winners in the PartyPoker League Finals. We say all but that is doing those tournaments a disservice because three trio of finals each have $10,000 prize pools, with each entrant guaranteed a cash prize!

From April 2 through November 26, PartyPoker players from all around the world competed in $1 buy-in tournaments, winning cash and earning leaderboard points. Each month, the top ten points earners secured a prize, with the month’s leaderboard winner not only receiving a high-end gaming PC but also capturing a seat to the season-ending Tournament of Champions.

The PartyPoker Leagues were split into Brazil, Latin America, and the Rest of the World. Now the winners from each month’s league sit across from each other and fight it out for a slice of a $10,000 prize pool!

Brazilian Finalists

Maria Morena Arca Gilmar Da Silva
Frederico Anunciacao Guilherme Henrique Cleyton Rodrigues
Arilson Alves Oliveira Karlytulyo Antunes Guimaraes
Fernando Sonoda

The seven Brazilians head into battle on December 14 at 22:00 GMT, each having guaranteed $400 in cash! The top four finishers will win at least $1,000, with the eventual Brazilian Champion of Champions padding their bankroll with $3,000 in cold, hard cash!

Catch all of the action via our Brazilian Twitch channel.

Rest of South America Finalists

Fernando Sanchez Ibarra Marcelo Chaulet
Rosana Sariego Lautaro Braida
Maria Victoria Romero Pablo Daniel Anselmino
Ana Luisa Guzman Jorge Carlos Dibble
Abdeel Jacob Pena

There are nine players competing in the Latin American Tournament of Champions due to how the monthly results panned out. Again, there is $10,000 to play for, with ninth-place weighing in at $200 and the winner scooping $3,000 in time for Christmas.

The Latin American PartyPoker League final shuffles up and deals at 23:30 GMT on December 15.

Discover who becomes the PartyPoker Latin American champion on our dedicated Twitch channel.

Rest of the World Finalists

David Knight Louie Joseph Nagle
David Prince Sean Harper
Aaron Pask Shane Malone
David Csizmadia Attila Franko

The Rest of the World finalists are predominately made up of residents of the United Kingdom, with Brits sitting at five of the eight seats. They are joined by two Hungarians and an Irishman at 20:00 GMT on December 17.

Like the Brazilian final, all eight places are paid, with prizes ranging from $400 to $3,000.

Watch all the action unfold on the PartyPoker Twitch channel.

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