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Those of you looking for some multi-tournament practice before the massive PartyPoker Championship Winter Edition shuffles up and deals on December 25 should look no further than The Predator.

The Predator has long been one of our most popular daily tournaments, one that hundreds of PartyPoker players flock to each evening, each sharing the hope of taking down The Predator and reeling in the lion’s share of its $12,500 guaranteed prize pool.

$22 is all that buying into The Predator costs; there are even $2.20 satellites and $0.22 Feeders if you want to enter the hunt even more cheaply. For your $22 investment, you receive 50,000 chips and play to an eight-minute clock where the blinds start at 250/500/65a. Late registration closes at the end of the eighth level, buy-in as late registration slams shut and you’ll still have 20 big blinds to play with.

However, we recommend getting into the action as soon as possible because The Predator is a progressive knockout (PKO) tournament, so you want to maximise your expected value by being there at the start when all the bounties are available to win.

The Predator enters the battle at 17:05 GMT Monday through Saturday, will you tame it and claim a four-figure haul?

There Are Many More PKO Events Other Than The Predator

You are spoiled for choice at PartyPoker if PKO tournaments are your specialty. Use the Knockout filter in the Tourneys tab to reveal every PKO tournament taking place. You’ll discover dozens of Bounty Hunters with buy-ins ranging from $0.55 up to $530. There are also plenty of named PKO tournaments, our Daily Legends. These are special tournaments with juicy prize pools.

The Terminator is another of our popular low-stakes PKO events. Get involved from 18:30 GMT for $11 and fight it out for a slice of the $7,500 guarantee. Those of you with larger bankrolls may want to enter the arena and take on The Gladiator, a $55 buy-in affair with $25,000 guaranteed to be won!

Of course, there are satellites feeding into almost all of these named PKO events, opening the door of opportunity for every PartyPoker player.

Time (GMT) Name Buy-in Typical guarantee
15:30 The Spartan $16.50 $6,000
16:05 The Magnum $44 $7,500
16:30 The Ninja $7.50 $2,500
17:05 The Jab $1.10 $300
17:05 The Centurion $109 $10,000
17:05 The Predator $22 $12,500
17:30 The Headhunter $5.50 $4,000
18:05 The Gladiator $55 $25,000
18:05 The Double Jab $2.20 $1,000
18:30 The Terminator $11 $7,500
19:05 Super $33 $33 $25,000
19:05 Super $320 $320 $20,000
19:05 Super $33 $3.30 $2,500
19:37 The Magnificent 7 $7.70 $4,000
20:07 The Magnificent 77 $77 $7,000
20:15 The Blade $22 $7,000
20:30 The Flash $5.50 $2,500
21:15 The Assassin $33 $10,000

Guarantees are subject to change

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