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Our partypoker social media poker freeroll is fantastic fun to play in and gives you the chance to meet new friends, and test out new poker strategies without any risk to your hard-earned bankroll. What’s more, this superb freeroll tournament awards real money prizes, which means you actually have the chance to bank some money for your efforts in addition to having a whale of a time at the tables.

partypoker Blog Freeroll  Password Clues, password and added extras For March 24, 2016

poker freeroll password is: stream

stream password


Each freeroll features a $350 prize pool – paid out in tournament dollars – but that only tells half of the story because we also throw into the mix a bunch of added extras to keep things interesting. We protect the freerolls with a password to ensure that only our loyal blog readers can enter. Registration opens two hours before each freeroll starts and we release a series of clues on this very page help you crack the password. Be one of the first 10 players to work out what the password is then register for the tournament and we award you with a prize, usually in the form of a tournament entry.

To spice things up further and increase the fun factor, we regularly award tournament tickets for completing special tasks in the freeroll such as eliminating our guest bounty player, being the unfortunate soul who bursts the money bubble or winning a pot with a trash hand such as !

Any added extras are clearly defined before the freeroll begins, as are the methods with how you can claim your special prize.

How Do I Play In The partypoker Blog Freeroll?

Getting involved in our partypoker Blog Freeroll is extremely simple. First, this may sound obvious, but you have to have a partypoker account. If you don’t have a partypoker account, you can get a new player poker bonus when opening an account and help yourself to a free £20 to be used at our Casual Cash Poker Games when you deposit £10.

Next, your account has to be a real money account, which means you need to have made at least one deposit into your partypoker account since its creation. This is because our freerolls award real money prizes and is our policy for all freerolls, not only the partypoker Blog version.

Still with us? Good, now we suggest that you follow us on Twitter and like us on Facebook so you have access to all of the awesome content that we put on there such as caption competitions, funny “tag-a-friend” photos, our blog articles, information about promotions and special offers that are available to you.

Once you have complete these simple steps all you need to do is wait for the next available freeroll, enter it, try to win your share of the $350 prize pool and grab yourself some of the extra goodies on offer.

When Is The partypoker Blog Freeroll?

We try to run the partypoker Blog Freeroll at the same time every week so that you have something to look forward to before the weekend begins!

partypoker Blog Freeroll

  • Day: Every Friday at
  • Registration Opens: 12:00 ET (17:00 UK time)
  • Tournament Starts: 14:00 ET (19:00 UK time)
  • Prize pool: $350 tournament dollars plus a host of added extras
  • Starting stack: Varies depending on format
  • Blinds: Varies depending on format




Freeroll extras

  • A small, narrow river
  • A continuous flow of liquid, air, or gas
  • You can watch the final table of major live poker tournament on a live ******

You now have all the information needed to come and join in the fun of our partypoker Blog Freerolls. See you at the final table!

What would you like to see in our social media freerolls? 

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  1. PLO or NL Hold’em – Shootout with the last table getting paid or the last man getting paid!

  2. what a god damn joke who releases the clues early when theres a prize for first ten?
    Thanks for nothing!

  3. I was the first to sign in at the tourney of 29 jan of facebook. But I did not have received the 1$ ticket.

  4. Not really a fan of the new clue release system… it’s less about figuiring out the password first and more about how good your internet connection is to partypoker… releasing the clues at a set time was alot fairer in my opinion… here’s to running well in both tournies today to make up for it. =]

    PL Omaha bounty FR if your taking requests? half the $200 on bounties half in prizes?

  5. again they have messed up the free roll it seems every week since December there has been a problem today there was 2 free rolls at same time look at their own blog page and everything they put is a lie and the promotion department is never made accountable you cant even get in touch with them it is a fricken joke if i did my job this bad for one week even i would lose my job but these people have been screwing up for over 2 months straight. the only way they will learn is if there is consequences for their stupid mistakes

  6. i hope the idiots that worked in promo department got fired all they ever did was screw things up

  7. now only uk gets freeroll because people at party poker dont know how to run tournaments properly on this Continent

  8. Is it ok to use my fathers twitter account to like party or do i have to creatie one for my own

  9. дайте пароль украинцу, я ни чего не понимаю что вы пишите

  10. Also second clue is a tad bit wrong. #2: Comes before house, engagement, birthday and political. It comes AFTER those words, not before…DOH!

  11. LOL. Now is click in my had hahahaha,waste 2 hours looking around for pass and all time be right here

  12. Guys please help who as you can …. I live in a village in Lugansk Metalist, yesterday got me into the house round, I live with my grandmother, car stolen even half a year ago, the work is not here, please help whatever they can move at the expense of many who do not sorry for the account Serhii Radchenko nickname RadikaNNo. Honestly not to play I need the money, all put to the conclusion ….. God bless you on this

    • Ill send you $5000 I just need all your banking info and credit card information (just for security purposes of course!) :)

  13. Johanne Tremblay on

    where are you sending your screen shot when you make 7 2 winning hand on media freeroll tournament

  14. Philip Woodman on

    what is the password for the raketherake facebook freeroll on sunday march the 8th

  15. Beany goheen on

    Your own blog that was written today with clues for free roll states that it is a 6 handed no limit holdem game.Now why is it a pot limit omaha without any warning?

    • Matthew Pitt on

      Hi Darren, the blog is frequently updated, this page especially is updated every Friday in the run up to the freeroll launching.

  16. there is a big problem with partypoker freeroll on facebook and the blog the amount of people unable to get the clues for password is rediculous we all cannot be stupid so can the powers that be put this right it is very annoying for members that have been with partypoker for a long time not to be able to join these freerolls. not a happy chappy

    • Hi Mick, the clues for the freeroll and the password reveal are always in this article that you have left a comment on! The freeroll lobby has the url to his article, too.