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The penultimate $200K Guaranteed Sunday of 2014 took place on December 21 and it saw a bumper crowd of 970 players exchange $200 for 5,000 tournament chips and a shot at the stocking-stretching $32,200 first place prize. That princely sum was won by ImaCriminalYo after he outlasted a talented group of players at the final table, eventually stealing victory from second placed gixxser.

$200K Guaranteed Sunday Final Table (December 21, 2014)

Seat Player Chips
1 ImaCriminalYo 520,226
2 gixxser 336,584
3 Guerg 903,480
4 info_raise 791,294
5 stevenstevenson 299,564
6 McDIsiLDrOoN 69,186
7 mrbiglaci813 497,932
8 floppinhel 1,136,775
9 prognaosticator9 294,959

Each of the nine finalists were guaranteed $3,320 for their efforts, a welcomed prize for sure, but it increased to $4,360 after McDIsiLDrOoN busted on the first hand of the final table.

Down to 69,186 at the 10,000/20,000/2,000a level, McDIsiLDrOoN min-raised to 40,000 from under the gun and the action passed all the way around to gixxser on the button. Gixxser re-raised to 80,000 and both blinds folded, but McDIsiLDrOoN called off the rest of his stack in an attempt to double up.

McDIsiLDrOoN turned ovdr and gixxser the dominating . A board reading ] kept gixxser’s ten-kicker in play and buted McDIsiLDrOoN in ninth place.

Thirty more hands played out without much drama, then stevenstevenson moved all-in from early position for 231,774 with and prognosticator9 three-bet all-in for 518,918 from the cutoff with the . ImaCriminalYo was on the button with and he went all-in for 632,726, creating a 1,440,918 pot as he did so. Both blinds mucked and when the five community cards fell , stevenstevenson busted in eighth place, prognosticator9 in seventh and ImaCriminalYo soared to the top of the chip counts.

A player holding pocket queens sent info_raise to the sidelines a short while later, that player being gixxser. From the button, gixxse rmade it three-times the big blind – 75,000 – to play and info_raise responded with an all-in re-raise for 633,584 from the button. Gixxser instantly called and flipped over , a much stronger hand than the in his opponent’s hand.

Those queens held as the five community cards ran and the final table was suddenly down to only five players, five players who were now guaranteed at least $10,280 in prize money.

An orbit of the table later and mrbiglaci813‘s tournament came to an abrupt end. Guerg raised to 65,000 from the button, mrbiglaci813 made a move by raising all-in for 311,932 from the small blind and Rhys “floppinhel” Jones raised all-in for around 20,000 more chips from the big blind. Guerg made the call to put both of the all-in players at risk of busting.


The flop kept floppinhel’s kings in front, with the turn adding a few extra outs to Guerg. The river brought the into play, busting mrbiglaci813 and doubling the stack of floppinhel.

After that timely double, floppinhel increased his stack further and was cruising, emphasis being on the wrd was. A min-raise to 60,000 on the button from floppinhel with was three-bet to 168m000 by ImaCriminalYo in the small blind (holding ) and called by floppinhel.

The flop was greeted with a 150,000 bet from ImaCriminalYo, a raise to 325,000 from floppinhel and a call. The landed on the turn, ImaCriminalYo checked to floppinhel who wasted no time in betting 514,000. ImaCriminal called off his remaining 446,166 chips. An on the river saw the 1,920,332 pot slide towards ImaCriminal and left floppinhel nursing a seven big blind stack.

Those few chips went into the middle during the next hand,floppinhel jamming all-in from the cutoff with and gixxser calling from the small blind with . Neither player hit the flop, but floppinhel paired his ten with the arrival of the on the turn. His hand only remained best until the river because the appeared to improve gixxser to a pair of aces and reign floppinhel to a fourth place finish.

Three-handed play only lasted 15 hands and ended with the exit of gixxser. ImaCriminalYo min-raised to 80,000 from the button with and then called when gixxser decided to raise all-in from the small blind for 893,768 chips in total with what turned out to be . The flop hit both players, with the turn improving ImaCriminalYo even further. The river had to be a heart or gixxser was gone, so when the completed the community cards gixxser had to make do with a third place finish and heads-up was set.

Both ImaCriminalYo and his heads-up opponent, Guerg, were almost exactly level in chips at the start of the one-on-one battle, but after 20 hands it was ImaCriminal who had forged a lead of more than 2:1 for himself.

The final hand of the tournament also happened to be the 40th of the heads-up encounter and saw ImaCriminalYo raise all-in with and Gruerg call off his last five big blinds with . Neither player improved on the board, which meant ImaCriminalYo’s ace-high was the best hand, Guerg was busted and ImaCriminalYo was the latest $200K Guaranteed Sunday champion.

$200K Guaranteed Sunday Final Table Results (December 21, 2014)

Seat Player Chips
1 ImaCriminalYo $32,200
2 Guerg $22,900
3 gixxser $16,360
4 floppinhel $12,650
5 mrbiglaci813 $10,280
6 info_raise $8,280
7 prognasticator9 $6,280
8 stevenstevenson $4,360
9 McDIsiLDrOoN $3,320

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