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With 2014 rapidly drawing to a close, and it almost been time to set yourself some New year resolution, we thought it would be a good idea to give you five resolutions you could make in respect to your poker game.

Statistics indicate that a New Year’s resolution is far more likely to be to stuck too if you take something up instead of trying to quit something. With that in mind here’s some New Year’s poker resolutions that lean towards the former…

1) Look for Leaks

Reviewing your sessions away from the table is clearly not as fun as simply playing but it’s a great habit to get into. One good way to do this is to review your last session just prior to starting a new one. This helps warm your mind up before diving into the table once more.

2.) Learn a New Game

If you’re not careful poker can become repetitive. One way of avoiding slipping into a card coma is to learn a new game, or a new form of poker. If you always play no-limit Hold’em tournaments, try learning pot-limit Omaha or try some heads-up sit and gos to keep things fresh. Whenever you learn a new form or poker remember to drop down in stakes to learn the ropes.

3.) Make Your Goals Realistic

Much like the start of a football season, the start of a new year can see poker players make outrageous statements as to how much volume or money they expect to make in the forthcoming year, which can only lead to disappointment. Instead set yourself realistic goals such as. “I’m going to qualify for a partypoker WPT National or Regional event,” rather than setting yourself volume of profit based targets.

4.) Peer to Peer Sharing

One of the best ways to improve at poker is to seek the opinions of others and thankfully there are many poker forums out there on which you can seek advice. This can range from posting a hand history and asking for feedback to getting bankroll management advice. A costlier way is to get some one on one coaching.

5.) Play Your A-Game More Often

The temptation to play just because you can is often overwhelming but before delving into a session ask yourself if you’re feeling 100% and capable of playing your A-game. If you’re tired, hungover, distracted or a combination of all three chances are it’ll show in your results. Poker will still be there tomorrow but will your bankroll?

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