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New and improved table and overhauled Power Series to be released in the next four weeks along with extra $250k in added value leaderboard prizes

Software update

partypoker will release a software update on Saturday 24th February that will see a number of significant improvements to the playing experience. A number of upgrades to the existing tables will be rolled-out, with the changes reflecting player feedback that has been collated over the last few months.

Some of the key improvements include:

  • Re-introduction of the oval shaped table alongside the existing table design
  • New and improved player plates with larger fonts, improving players’ multi-tabling experience
  • Improved display of player notes
  • A brand new time-bank indicator
  • A number of smaller enhancements, improving the look and feel of the tables

New Power Series

On Monday 5th March, partypoker will launch the brand new Power Series. The new MTT schedule will offer increased guarantees, an improved mix of game types and optimised structures.

The new schedule has been designed around player feedback and will offer more attractive tournaments for all our players, in all timezones.

Power Series Leaderboard

Weekly Power Series leaderboards will run from Monday 5th March. Split into three buy-in levels (low, medium and high), the leaderboards will payout $60,000 a week in prizes, with the top 20 players in each leaderboard winning prizes. The top ten players in the high leaderboards will win Millions Online seats worth $5,300 each. The medium and low leaderboards will offer various tickets in prizes, ranging from $22 up to $530.

Players that win duplicate $5,300 tickets will be able to exchange their extra seats for tournament dollars of the same value.

For the first month, the Leaderboards will payout DOUBLE prizes. partypoker will award $120,000 in weekly prizes for the first month to the top forty places in each Leaderboard.

partypoker Managing Director Tom Waters said: “We know that our players were expecting our 2018 Leaderboard promotion to start immediately after Powerfest, however we want the players to benefit from the enhanced playing experience on the new tables when working towards the leaderboard prizes. Therefore we have decided to delay the Leaderboard promotion until Monday 5th March to coincide with the launch of the new MTT schedule. We wanted to ensure that the players do not miss out on any value and therefore we have doubled the Leaderboard giveaway for the first month.”

partypoker ambassador Patrick Leonard said: “Almost every tournament schedule I’ve seen over the last 10 years of playing poker has outdated structures and tournaments that shouldn’t be there but are just because “they’ve always been there”. Removing every tournament on the site and building a logical & balanced schedule based on feedback from the regular players that also makes it different and exciting for amateur players every hour and every day is fantastic. Combining this with huge leaderboards and modern software makes me very excited about logging onto partypoker on March 5th and playing the whole schedule.”

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