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Steven Morris may not be a household name in poker circles but it may pay to commit his name to memory because he has just been crowned the 2018 partypoker LIVE UK Poker Championships Super High Roller champion.

2018 partypoker LIVE UK Poker Championships Super High Roller Results

  • Buy-in: £5,000+£300
  • Guarantee: £200,000
  • Entries: 40
  • Prize pool: £200,000
  • Places paid: 6
Place Player Country Prize
1 Steven Morris United Kingdom £70,000
1 Nishid Hindocha United Kingdom £45,000
1 Xiaoyang Luo China £32,000
1 Tom Middleton United Kingdom £22,000
1 Chris Sly United Kingdom £15,000
1 Nicholas Todd United Kingdom £10,000

A total of 40 entries were processed in the 2018 partypoker LIVE UK Poker Championships Super High Roller, meaning the £200,000 guarantee was hit on the nose. Only the top six players were set to receive any prize money, a min-cash being worth £10,000 and the eventual champion walking away with £70,000 for their £5,300 investment.

Day 1 saw several big name casualties such as Ben Farrell, Ben Winsor, Keith Johnson, Paul Jackson, Dominik Nitsche and Steven Warburton hit the rail. Making it through to the final day’s player were such luminaries as Team partypoker’s Marcel Luske, MILLIONS Germany €50,000 Super High Roller champion Michael Chi Zhang, Manig Loeser, Tom Middleton, Christopher Brammer, James Mitchell, Ben Jackson and Chris Sly.

Fourteen players took their seats on Day 2 and the action was fast and furious from the word go. Luske endured an early exit before Zhang lost a coinflip against Loeser to join Luske on the rail. Luke Marsh committed his stack with pocket tens only to run into the black jacks in Morris’ hand before Fabio Sperling saw his tournament come to an abrupt end at the hands of Nishid Hindocha.

A short-stacked Loeser then bust in 10th place with pocket nines against the king-ten of Morris courtesy of a ten on the turn to set the nine-handed final table.

The tournament lost former Irish Open champion Mitchell in ninth-place on the third hand of the final table’s action before Brammer exited in eighth-place when his pocket tens lost to the ace-seven of Morris with the latter turning trip aces.

Jackson bursts the money bubble

Ben Jackson: UKPC Super High Roller bubble boy

Ben Jackson: UKPC Super High Roller bubble boy

Ben Jackson was the unfortunate soul to burst the money bubble. Jackson was all-in for nine big blinds with a pair of sixes and was called by Middleton with a superior pair of tens. A jack-high board failed to come to Jackson’s rescue and he became the last player to bust from the Super High Roller without any prize money.

Nicholas Todd followed Jackson to the rail a few hands later. Middleton opened to 45,000 with , Todd three-bet all-in with from the small blind and Hindocha re-shoved from the big blind with . Middleton folded. Hindocha spiked the case queen on the flop to send Todd home in sixth-place.

Sly was the next player to hit the sidelines. He opened 2.5 times the big blind to 50,000 from under the gun with and Hindocha called from the big blind with the lowly . Hindocha check-called a 40,000 bet on the flop and both players checked the turn. The river was the . Hindocha led for 85,000 and called when Sly moved all-in. Hindocha’s flush was more than enough to resign Sly to a fifth-place finish.

The talented Middleton was the next to fall, doing so during the 15,000/30,000/30,000a level. Middleton moved all-in for 410,000 from the small blind with and Xiaoyang Lu called with . Luo paired his eight on the flop and caught another on the turn to eliminate Middleton.

Heads-up is set

Heads-up is set in the UKPC Super High Roller

Heads-up is set in the UKPC Super High Roller

Third-place went to Luo who lost the vast majority of his stack in a cooler hand where he and his opponent held trip jacks and he never fully recovered. Luo’s final hand saw him move all-in for 15 big blinds with ten-nine and Hindocha call with ace-ten. The board ran out king-high and Luo’s tournament was over.

Hindocha held a 2,670,000 to 1,330,000 chip lead over Morris going into heads-up and extended his lead during the first few confrontations. Morris levelled matters up when he spiked a miracle deuce on the river to improve to a set after Hindocha had gone ahead on the flop.

Morris never gave up the chip lead after that although Hindocha refused to give up. The final hand saw Morris set his opponent all-in while holding and Hindocha called off his seven big blinds with . By the river the board read , which bust Hindocha in second-place and left Morris to become the tournament’s champion.

The £1 million guaranteed UK Poker Championships Main Event begins today and you can follow all of the action via the My partypoker Live portal.

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