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Viktor “Isildur1” Blom took down the 2018 partypoker LIVE MILLIONS Germany Main Event in Rozvadov and did so with a remarkable hero call that stunned partypoker Twitch stream viewers.

partypoker LIVE MILLIONS Germany Main Event Final Table

Place Player Country Prize
1 Viktor Blom Sweden €850,000*
2 Pavel Plesuv Moldova €750,000*
3 Rickie Silcock United Kingdom €400,000
4 Joao Simao Brazil €280,000
5 Radoslaw Wesierski Poland €200,000
6 Ondrej Drozd Czech Republic €140,000
7 Aristeidis Moschonas Greece €100,000
8 Niko Wieland Germany €70,000

Only 13 players from the 1,022 that started the Main Event made it through to the final day’s play and they had locked up €35,000 for their efforts. Several members of Team partypoker had cashed on previous days with partypoker Team Online’s Josip Simunic falling in 88th place for €12,500, Patrick Leonard busting in 59th for €15,000, and Philipp Gruissem seeing his tournament end in 28th place for a €22,500 score.

Joao Simao, who had already reached two final tables during the festival, was the last Team partypoker member in the field and he returned for the final day’s action with 76,500,000 chips, or approximately 48 big blinds.

Neil Ryder of the United Kingdom was the first casualty of the final day. Ryder three-bet shoved 14 big blinds with king-queen and Gianluca Speranza called with pocket eights. A jack-high board failed to connect with Ryder and he went to the cage to collect 13th place’s money, €35,000.

Spanish superstar Adrian Mateos then bust in 12th place when his short-stacked three-bet all-in bet with ace-jack was called by Ondrej Drozd who held a pair of queens. The queens held, Mateos bust and the tournament waters became less shark infested.

Yoann Vu-Van, the aforementioned Speranza, and the UK’s Yiannis Liperis then bust, the latter falling in ninth-place to set the official final table.

Final table set

partypoker MILLIONS Germany Main Event final table

partypoker MILLIONS Germany Main Event final table

The final table lost its first player on the ninth hand of action. With blinds at 1,500,000/3,000,000/3,000,000a, Niko Wieland moved all-in from the cutoff for 49,400,000 with what turned out to be , Blom reshoved and the remaining players folded. Blom turned over and then the board ran it was game over for Wieland.

Seventh-place was decided on the 35th hand of the final table. The blinds were now 1,700,000/3,500,000/3,500,000a and Aristeidis Moschonas raised to 7,000,000 from the button. Drozd three-bet to 20,000,000 from the small blind and Moschonas called. On a flop, Drozd bet 16,000,000 and quickly called when Moschonas moved all-in for 83,600,000. Moschonas showed and Drozd the . The turn locked up the hand for Drozd. The completed the community cards.

Drozd then bust in sixth-place after jamming 21 big blinds from under the gun with . The action passed around to Pavel Plesuv and he re-shoved for 362,000,000 with . A board reading sent Drozd to the rail.

The final five became four with the exit of Radoslaw Wesierski. Rickie Silcock moved all-in from the sall blind for 15 big blinds and Wesierski called with a smaller stack in the big blind. It was for Silcock and for Wesierski. Silcock improved to a flush on the river of the board to reduce the player count by one.

Joao Simao enjoyed a superb MILLIONS Germany festival.

Joao Simao enjoyed a superb MILLIONS Germany festival.

Then came the demise of Team partypoker’s Simao in fourth-place. Blom raised to three-time the big blind from the button and Simao called the 21,000,000 bet from the big blind. The flop fell , Simao moved all-in for 31,500,000 and Blom instantly called. Simao showed for not very much and Blom the . The was followed by the and Simao bust.

It was a profitable festival for Simao who finished second in the first €25,000 Super High Roller and fourth in the second one, plus this fourth-place finish for combined scores of €640,000.

Silcock’s exit in third-place was the penultimate elimination. Plesuv limped in with and Silcock checked in the big blind with . Silcock check-called a 10,000,000 bet on the flop, with both players checking the turn. The completed the boar, Silcock bet 35,000,000, Plesuv shoved and Silcock called with trip fours and lost to the rivered wheel in the hand of his opponent.

Superb heads-up battle

Blom and Plesuv locked horns heads-up in what turned out to be an epic battle. Plesuv claimed the lead and enjoyed a massive advantage at one stage, out-chipping Blom nine-to-one at one stage, but Blom calwed his way back into contention and began to exert his dominance.

The final hand was fitting of winning such a major tournament and showed Blom’s class.

Hand 242 started with blinds of 6,000,000/12,000,000/12,000,000a and Blom made it 35,000,000 to go. Plesuv called. Plesuv check-called a 45,000,000 bet on the flop and then check-called a 105,000,000 bet on the turn. The completed the board an Plesuv now shoved all-in. Blom went into the tank knowing calling and being wrong would all but cost him the tournament. Eventually, Blom called and showed . Plesuv could only muster the and was eliminated in second-place for €750,000 after he and Blom struck a deal to lock up €750,000 and play for €100,000 and the trophy.

Next up for the MILLIONS tour is the Grand Final in Barcelona in April where there are a massive €23 million in guaranteed prize pools. Satellites for the Grand Final Main Event hit the partypoker lobby right now and you can win a $16,000 package from as little as $0.50!

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