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W3Schools.comA lot of people say all I write is a load of bull but one story has touched my heart this week.

It seems like Yvonne the cow has become a huge star in Germany since escaping from a farm near the town of Muhldorf in May and has been roaming free in the Bavarian forest ever since.

Hunters have permission to shoot her and have been trying to hunt her down ever since she ran in front of a police car. Since then groups have stepped in and joined the search for Yvonne as they want to save her from the bullet – the newspaper Bild has even offered a 10,000 euro reward for her safe return. People have even been betting on this!

As many of you know, I hate animal cruelty and have previously taken issue with Russian parasailing donkeys. It is said she has become like a deer sleeping during the day and grazing all night. Yvonne actually sounds very much like a poker player!

Naturally, I think if a fine tracking dog is needed then Zasko fits the profile and after his experience roaming the deep and dark forests of Lithuania I know he would be able to bring Yvonne home. What I love though is that those looking for Yvonne have brought in the George Clooney of bulls by the name of Ernst to try and tempt her back. Ernst is a fine specimen and top stud, just like Zasko’s owner. If any poker players want to join me I will go to Bavaria and search for Yvonne.

This all got me thinking of my search for the professor – where’s my money!? I couldn’t find him on the golf course and I don’t think he is roaming the woods of Bavaria. The professor didn’t run in front of a police car though. Would the Yvonne tactic work for him? Put a big stud of a buyer in a pen to lure him in – maybe the Tiger Woods of poker and a group of international investors will tempt him out of the woods? Who will they find first Yvonne or The Professor?


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