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NLsoldier shoots down Sunday Party
Knight1989 triumphs in the Sunday Carnival
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“NLsoldier” is the latest player to see a huge sum of money land in his PartyPoker account after they came out on top of the $109 buy-in $150,000 guaranteed Sunday Party. Day 1 of our flagship event drew in 1,358 players, including re-entries, meaning those who finished in the money places enjoyed a $14,200 overlay.

The top 231 players saw a return on their investment. Those in-the-money players included our very own Matt Staples, who finished 186th for a $139.16 score plus $62.50 from the bounty prize pool. While doubling your money is cool, Staples’ total haul was around ten times less than any of the nine finalists helped themselves to on February 20.

“Sethenak” was the first of the nine finalists to bow out, their ninth-place finish coming with $1,914 reasons to be happy with their performance. “Danvil007” ($2,011), “HVGen5” ($1,886), and “El-Filliponn” ($2,895) were eliminated one after another, leaving only five PartyPoker players in the hunt for the title and the largest slice of the $150,000 pie.

Those five became four with the exit of “Prejack” ($3,663), and then three when “antonionunez” ($6,664) saw their tournament end abruptly. “Dominic K.” ($7,510) crashed out in third, sending the Sunday Party to the heads-up stage where both players locked in a five-figure sum.

NLsoldier and “TubsParty” fought it out for the right to call themselves a poker champion. After much back and forth, NLsoldier came out on top and added $6,787 worth of bounties to their $9,434 prize for a total haul worth $16,221. The runner-up had to make do with an $11,062 score, which is not to be sniffed at.

Sunday Party Final Table Results

Place Player Bounties Prize Total Prize
1 NLsoldier $6,787 $9,434 $16,221
2 TubsParty $1,644 $9,418 $11,062
3 Dominic K. $1,288 $6,222 $7,510
4 antonionunez $2,638 $4,026 $6,664
5 Prejack $924 $2,739 $3,663
6 El-Filliponn $790 $2,105 $2,895
7 HVGen5 $342 $1,544 $1,886
8 Danvil007 $789 $1,222 $2,011
9 Sethenak $951 $963 $1,914

The Sunday Party is already immense value, but is even more so on February 26. Why? Because we are boosting its guarantee to $200,000 as we continue our mission to give more back to our valued players. Satellites from $0.01 are running around the clock, so make sure you win a ticket or two to maximise your chances of securing one of the Sunday Party’s top payouts.

Knight1989 Rides Off With the Sunday Carnival Title

This weekend’s Sunday Carnival saw its guarantee increased from $50,000 to $75,000, but it appears some PartyPoker players did not receive the memo. That’s because 2,973 players turned out in force but all those $22 buy-ins resulted in a $59,460 prize pool, which we added $15,540 to, ensuring the $75,000 prize pool was complete.

All of that added prize money meant all but two of the nine finalists walked away having turned $22 into a four-figure sum. The biggest prizes were reserved for the top two finishers, as is usually the case in tournament poker. The last standing duo were “Knight1989” and “SmudgeTh3Cat,” the latter you may recall finished eighth in last weekend’s Sunday Party for $1,843.

The main prize pool awarded these two stars more than $4,800, leaving the final bounties to play for. Knight1989 captured those bounties, which totaled $1,837, resulting in a take-home prize of $6,557, an incredible return on a $22 buy-in. SmudgeTh3Cat scooped $5,940 in total.

Sunday Carnival Final Table Results

Place Player Bounties Prize Total Prize
1 Knight1989 $1,837 $4,820 $6,657
2 SmudgeTh3Cat $1,131 $4,809 $5,940
3 Honeybunz $715 $3,085 $3,800
4 PuruRasta $466 $2,027 $2,493
5 EyDuPraktikant $385 $1,370 $1,755
6 Mastercheck $107 $1,018 $1,125
7 BIGDES104. $274 $739 $1,013
8 RamiresRange $264 $595 $859
9 Espaniol9999 $251 $463 $714

The Sunday Carnival on February 26 retains its $75,000 guaranteed prize pool despite its buy-in remaining at an affordable $22. Like the Sunday Party, Sunday Carnival satellites run every day, giving our players a chance to turn a tiny investment into a welcomed four-figure haul.

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