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$150,000 guaranteed Sunday Party final table results
Sunday Party gets a guarantee boost on February 26
$50,000 Sunday Carnival final table results
Sunday Carnival guarantee boosted for next two weeks

PartyPoker player “Chunkayyy” is celebrating after helping himself to a chunky $17,016 score by taking down the latest installment of the Sunday Party. There were 1,450 entries processed on Day 1, which were whittled to a more manageable 16. Chunkayyy led the way going into Day 2 courtesy of turning their 100,000-starting stack into 16,727,388 plus $1,704 worth of bounty payments.

The Sunday Party Final Table Results

Place Player Bounties Prize Total Prize
1 Chunkayyy $8,152 $8,864 $17,016
2 AreYaWideSham1 $2,891 $8,849 $11,740
3 zadymiator $683 $5,715 $6,398
4 IIIIIIII $968 $3,772 $4,740
5 The Zone $1,182 $2,565 $3,747
6 riicko-Corleone $275 $1,958 $2,233
7 loadrunner $1,807 $1,427 $3,234
8 SmudgeTh3Cat $703 $1,140 $1,843
9 Gregskaw $763 $897 $1,660

All of the nine PartyPoker players that progressed to the final table turned their $109 buy-in into four figures, with the top two finishers seeing five-figure sums land in their accounts.

“Gregskaw” saw their deep run end in a ninth-place finish worth $1,660, while “SmudgeTh3Cat” crashed out in eighth for $1,843. One by one, the players busted, and the pay jumps increased. “loadrunner” ($3,234), “riicko-Corleone” ($2,233), and “The Zone” bowed out, leaving only four players in the hunt for the Sunday Party title. We have to doff our cap to The Zone because they returned for Day 2 with the shortest stack yet managed to ladder their way to a fifth-place finish.

“IIIIIIII” collected $4,740 after falling in fourth, with the Sunday Party heading into a one-on-one battle when “zadymiator” exited in third ($6,398).

“AreYaWideSham1” and “Chunkayyy” locked horns heads-up, having locked in more than $8,800 each from the main prize pool. Chunkayyy got the job done and eliminated their final opponent, adding $8,152 worth of bounties to their haul for a total score worth $17,016. The runner-up headed into the night with $11,740 reasons to be happy with their performance.

Sunday Party Sees Guarantee Boost on February 26

The Sunday Party shuffles up and deals again at 19:05 GMT on February 19, but it is the following week’s event that has everyone tingling with excitement. Buy into or win your way into the Sunday Party on February 26, and you won’t be playing for a share of a guaranteed $150,000 but a cool $200,000 instead!

c0c0b0ng0 Bags Sunday Carnival Top Prize

Sunday Carnival

This weekend’s Sunday Carnival attracted 2,335 players to the PartyPoker tables, and it was “c0c0b0ng0” who left them all in their wake. First-place prize money, including bounty payments, weighed in at $5,165, which is pretty incredible for a $22 investment.

c0c0b0ng0 sat down on Day 2 third in chips from the 16 survivors. They’d locked in $171 worth of bounties, but that sum swelled after a raft of eliminations, and the eventual champion took home $2,289 worth of scalps in the end. c0c0b0ng0 defeated “AAanddreams” heads-up for the title, resigning the runner-up to a $3,207 consolation prize.

Spare a thought for “Sherrell21” who was the chip leader going into Day 2. However, nothing went right for them, and they ultimately fell in ninth place for a combined score worth $412.

The Sunday Carnival Final Table Results

Place Player Bounties Prize Total Prize
1 c0c0b0ng0 $2,289 $2,876 $5,165
2 AAanddreams $338 $2,869 $3,207
3 jrebel99 $953 $1,847 $2,800
4 tsuyoshi12 $214 $1,215 $1,429
5 lovemiscou2 $230 $823 $1,053
6 Kingsman41 $143 $626 $769
7 NarutoUzokraki $715 $453 $1,168
8 Vamo Baraio $384 $360 $744
9 Sherrell21 $131 $281 $412

Sunday Carnival Has a $75,000 Guarantee for Two Weeks!

If playing for a share of $50,000 for only a $22 investment was not exciting enough for you, we have some great news because the February 19 and February 26 editions of the Sunday Carnival both have a $22 buy-in but we are boosting their guarantees to $75,000, which makes it one of the biggest $22 buy-in tournaments anywhere online! Will you win the boosted Sunday Carnival and pad your bankroll with a massive prize?

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