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Once again it’s time for some more perfect poker talk as we’re back at the virtual rail, and this week we’re catching up  Exan13 who recently cashed for $25k in our $100K High Roller Tournament.

DW: Welcome to the PartyPokerBlog Exan13, so the usual first question, how’d you get started?

EX: Well I began to play poker in June 2009 via the pokerstrategy forum, where I got $ 50 starting bonus. Step by step, playing on micro-limits, I managed to become a successful MTCT player.

DW: Do you mainly play online poker, live poker, or a mixture of both?

I started  to pay attention to off-line poker only the last summer, when I visited a couple of Russian FTP sessions. I enjoyed it a lot, but then FTP kept blocked all my bankroll and I stopped to make sallies to off-line series. I started  to play off-line from time to time (cash + S&G) in my city. I spend a lot more time on online gaming. I haven’t visited WPT, EPT and WSOP yet.

DW: Do you have a day job or do you play poker professionally? Still in school? Some combination of all of the above?

I’ve never worked professionally. Thanks God I discovered poker and managed to realize myself in it. I would have had to finish studying last year, but I failed one exam and was expelled. Now I resumed study, I am going to take the exam and get a diploma.

DW: Okay sounds good who are some of your favorite professional poker players? Which players would you be most scared to see at your table? Any pros you’d hope to play with?

EX: I don’t like much TV-poker. So I don’t have favorite players. I would like to play with many of pros in poker tourneys to find mistakes in their game and be proud of myself. And, probably, to learn something in our trade.

DW: Okay here’s the fun question I love to ask say if you won a big live event what is the first thing you’d buy with the prize money?


EX: If I won a big live event, first of all I would build a big wooden nice house at the ocean. I would also invest in a business, to have income not only from poker.

DW: Sounds wise to me, good planing there, Can you tell us how you ended up winning this prize (maybe you could describe how you heard about the promotion, and how you prepared)

EX: I found out about the promotion in the forum, the promotions on party are great :)

DW: Well as usual thanks for your time Exan13, and have a great trip in Bali. It looks like some practice makes some perfect poker which a few of us out there could learn a thing or two from.



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