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We’re back yet again with another edition of some perfect poker tales and this time we’ve been speaking to wuutti_x who recently cashed for $32k in our $200K Guaranteed Sunday Tournament.

When we caught up with wuutti_x he let us in on a few cool stories and let us in on how playing poker sure helped his studies, plus pay for a dream trip to Bali!

(PartyPoker:Dany Willis): So congrats on your big win, can you tell us when did you first start playing poker?
(wuutti_x): About 5-6 years ago.

DW: Okay well tell us what stakes and games do you normally play when playing online or live? Do you mainly play online poker, live poker, or a mixture of both?
WU: I play mainly online tournaments, average buy in around $50.

DW: Have you played in a major event such as a WPT, EPT, or WSOP tournament?
WU: No, biggest one is GSOP final sevilla last year($3000 buy in)

Round of Golf?

DW: What other hobbies and interests do you have outside of poker? Any interesting facts about yourself that you’d like to share?
WU: I play golf. I’ve only played for 2 years but I’m so addicted to it. I also like to travel and by the way, now I’m writing this from Bali, Indonesia :)

DW: Do you have a day job or do you play poker professionally? Still in school? Some combination of all of the above?
WU: I am still student. I don’t like to say that I play poker professionally even though I have paid my bills by playing poker for last 3 years or so… So I would say it’s combination of playing professionally and studying

He likes the unknown…

DW: Who are some of your favorite professional poker players? Which players would you be most scared to see at your table? Any pros you’d hope to play with?
WU: Well, online I love to rail the highest cash games when there are some action players like Ilari Sahamies or Viktor Blom. I don’t know which one I would be the most scared of, I guess every one of those high stakes players would be too tough for me I prefer to play with unknown players :)

DW: Playing the fun hypothetical pretend game, if you won a big live event what is the first thing you’d buy with the prize money?
WU: Probably a house and book a long trip somewhere :)

DW: How did you celebrate your victory?
WU: Well, it was something like 7 or 8 a.m. when the tournament ended so nothing too crazy but I took a glass of my best whiskey I had (Lagavulin) before going to sleep.

DW: Thanks for your time wuutti_x, and have a great trip in Bali. Once again folks, a few good tales of some more perfect poker for us all to learn from.



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