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I’m a Talking Walking Terminator

Erik Seidel has joined Patrik Antonius, ‘Trike Time Schwartz’, Vanessa, Sam, Frankenmonster and myself in the Premier League V at Montesino in April. I am born to crush the Seiborg by the Danube. Forget Tony the Tiger I am Tony the Terminator! Vienna is like a second home to me and I still have the pandas. I know you are probably sick of my white and black friends by now but I am not and I don’t care what you think. Once they have done their business they will retire like the Devilfish and Roland de Wolfe.

The Pandas Are Back!

The pandas are fantastic basketball players so watch out Vanessa Selbst – they are like piranhas and they eat internet kids like Andrew Robl for breakfast. If this one is anything like the last one held at the Playboy Club London then bring on the Premier League! By the way do you think should invite Andrew Robl? He is clearly a disgraceful example of a modern internet player so I say no – Vienna is also a place where the clocks don’t sit still. Remember you can qualify for the Premier League online now.


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