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November 2 was another action-packed day for Monster Series players with four more champions crowned and another two events finishing their brace of starting flights.

“Zeca Pagodinho” was the day’s biggest winner after taking down the 8-Max $150,000 guaranteed event, a result that saw their $33 investment swell to more than $17,500!

Monster #01 – 8-Max: $150K Gtd

Buy-in: $33
Entrants: 3,685
Prize pool: $150,000

Place Player Prize
1 Zeca Pagodinho $17,557.19*
2 fofty $16,519.22*
3 riceboy $14,966.09*
4 WhatAMove $6,754.50
5 DidntDoIt $4,647.00
6 maria.2020 $3,162.00
7 speldak $2,224.50
8 NikaKit99 $1,678.50

*reflects a three-handed deal

Zeca Pagodinho emerged victoriously from the $33 buy-in 8-Max $150,000 guaranteed event with a huge $17,557.19 prize in tow. That already impressive result would have been worth more financially but the champion and two other players struck a deal when the tournament was three-handed.

“fofty” officially finished in second place and walked away with $16,519.22. Third-place finisher “riceboy” padded their bankroll with $14,966.09.

Everyone else at the final table scooped prizes worth between $1,678.50 and $6,754.50, a great day at the office for the eight finalists.

Monster #01 – Mini 8-Max: $15K Gtd

Buy-in: $3.30
Entrants: 3,520
Prize pool: $15,000

Place Player Prize
1 callmuckOK $2,292.88
2 Don_Camiljo79 $1,609.35
3 vlnalPro $1,033.90
4 AActionKKing $684.00
5 Free_The_Real $472.50
6 PauloAbreu17 $322.50
7 deucedeuce90 $224.25
8 ZHABRA $169.12

While Zeca Pagodinho was on his way to victory in the $33 buy-in opening event, the $3.30 buy-in version of this tournament was getting ready to crown its champion.

This tournament may have only cost $3.30 to enter yet it paid everyone at the final table prizes worth between $169.12 and a cool $2,292.88.

The top three finishers won four-figure scores. “vlnalPro” busted in third for $1,033.90 before “Don_Camiljo79” crashed out in second place, a finish worth $1,609.35.

“callmuckOK” was the last player standing, earning themselves the title of champion and a bankroll-boosting prize of $2,292.88.

Monster #04 – PLO: $2.5K Gtd

Buy-in: $5.50
Entrants: 741
Prize pool: $3,705

Place Player Prize
1 peader $620.03
2 Jonny7 $456.91
3 thecrobar1974 $350.30
4 Plzzbluff1 $252.19
5 ML0804 $175.98
6 p4sc4l_ $130.60
7 John Snith $98.18

“peader” is the first non-Hold’em Monster Series champion courtesy of them taking down the $5.50 PLO event. A field of 741-entrants created a guarantee-busting prize pool of $3,705 and peader got their hands on the lion’s share of that sum, namely $620.03.

The champion defeated “Jonny7” heads-up to lock up the title. Jonny7 increased their lifetime winnings by $456.91 with their impressive runner-up finish.

Monster #04 – Mini PLO: $250 Gtd

Buy-in: $0.55
Entrants: 514
Prize pool: $257

Place Player Prize
1 Rootbeer1 $46.59
2 kourou1976 $33.62
3 Raisewars99 $25.31
4 Toni0188 $18.37
5 Blackberry-777 $12.85
6 sadgeri $9.53
7 melorain $7.35

“Rootbear” had plenty of reasons to celebrate thanks to becoming a Monster Series champion. They triumphed in the Mini PLO, which had a super-low buy-in of only $0.55 yet awarded a top prize of $46.59.

Everyone in this event experienced what it’s like to play in a Championship quality poker tournament for a mere $0.55. What can you buy for 55 cents these days? A shot at glory at partypoker, that’s what!

Monster #05 – 6-Max Knockout Day 1A: $75K Gtd

Buy-in: $11
Entrants: 2,176
Prize pool: $27,540

Place Player Chips
1 AndryPolarBear8 3,667,966
2 ElMist3r 2,927,506
3 And_bir 2,871,723
4 rockyfit1911 2,726,121
5 johnyjohnnnnnn 2,696,150
6 kubanoid 2,687,532
7 Nicholas 2,518,797
8 An3m3s 2,505,140
9 swbax99 2,444,011
10 kasimiir 2,283,610

Day 1A of the 6-Max Knockout drew in a crowd of 2,176 entrants meaning Day 1B, on November 3, needs almost 4,800 players to hit the giant $75,000 guarantee.

One player who doesn’t care about the potential overlay is “AngryPolarBear8” who finished Day 1A as the tournament’s chip leader. They bagged up 3,667,966 chips when the 18th level concluded.

Everyone else who finished in the top 10 at the close of play did so with more than 2.2 million chips in their stacks.

“Elmist3r” is the leader’s closest rival with 2,927,506 chips, but then there’s little to separate third-placed “And_bir” in third and “kasimiir” in 10th place.

Monster #05 – Mini 6-Max: $7.5K Gtd

Buy-in: $1.10
Entrants: 2,176
Prize pool: $2,176

Place Player Chips
1 Harocopos 4,105,137
2 L-Raja 3,931,246
3 Segue_Eu_Fish 2,709,761
4 Thor2601 2,705,402
5 punaluk25041990 2,595,012
6 RRoman77 2,518,390
7 Mark777123 2,442,625
8 Mess84 2,431,489
9 kru01 2,394,927
10 britopoker22 2,282,868

The $1.10 buy-in Mini 6-Max Knockout Day 1A saw 2,176 players enter, leaving a requirement of more than 5,300 entrants on Day 1B to hit the $7,500 guarantee.

“Harocopos” is the man to catch in this event, they bagged up 4,105,137 chips when the curtain came down on the first flight. They were the only player to break through the four million chips mark.

Second-placed “L-Raja” almost joined the four million club but ultimately finished their session with a 3,931,246 stack. They now have a great chance of going super-deep in this exciting tournament.

What Monster Series Events Can You Play Today?

Tuesday 3 November sees the first rebuy event take place. Monster #06 is a No-Limit Hold’em Rebuy event. Two buy-in levels are available. A $5.50 with $20,000 guaranteed and a $0.55 with $2,000 guaranteed to be in the prize pool

November 3 also sees Day 1B of the 6-Max Knockout and Mini 6-Max Knockout. These are incredible value in their own right, but even more so today because they look to be on course to overlay.

The $11 buy-in edition requires 4,746 entries to hit the $75,000 guarantee. A field of 2,754 players took part on Day 1A. It’s a similar story with the $1.10 buy-in $7,500 guaranteed event. That needs 5,324 entrants to hit the guarantee when 2,176 players turned out for Day 1A. Fill your boots with that lovely added value!

Time (GMT) Time (CET) Event Buy-in
18:30 19:30 Monster #06 – Rebuy: $20K Gtd $5.50
18:30 19:30 Monster #06 – Mini Rebuy: $2K Gtd $0.55
19:05 20:05 Monster #05 – 6-Max Knockout Day 1B: $75K Gtd $11
19:05 20:05 Monster #05 – Mini 6-Max Knockout Day 1B: $7.5K Gtd $1.10

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