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Two more partypoker players became Monster Series champions on November 3 and another pair of tournaments progressed to Day 2. It was another action-packed and exciting day at the tables, here’s what went down.

Monster #05 – 6-Max Knockout Day 1B: $75K Gtd

Buy-in: $11
Entrants: 2,847
Prize pool: $28,470

Place Player Chips
1 Grudaz 2,738,145
2 xoticshnidel 2,696,179
3 zedd1k 2,620,350
4 jppinheiiro 2,466,236
5 Rm_33_jpbm 2,396,797
6 Manikatten 2,391,430
7 GW33DO 2,330,570
8 Parta99 2,307,481
9 Matzel 2,198,500
10 Rommik 2,151,540

“Grudaz” finished in the enviable position of chip leader on Day 1B of the $11 buy-in 6-Max Knockout. They bagged up 2,738,145 chips at the end of the 18th level which claimed the Day 1B lead and places them fourth overall.

Everyone else who finished in the top 10 chip count finished with more than two million chips and have done their chances of glory no harm at all.

Day 2 of this $75,000 guaranteed event shuffles up and deals at 20:05 CET on November 4. The surviving players from Day 1A and Day 1B combined to create a field of 669 hopefuls. A handful of those returning players will go home without a slice of the main prize pool as the top 588 finishers receive a payout.

One of those 669 players will pad their bankrolls with the $4,712.04 top prize plus a substantial bounty payment. Tune into the partypoker blog on November 5 to find out just who that is.

Monster #05 – Mini 6-Max Knockout Day 1B: $7.5K Gtd

Buy-in: $1.10
Entrants: 1,855
Prize pool: $1,855

Place Player Chips
1 RSG9588 4,069,710
2 GrinDinG01 3,477,021
3 F1ex_ 2,676,575
4 AAAss77 2,584,429
5 Antking 2,493,802
6 MaykonDZ7 2,475,189
7 Kikipovec555 2,319,015
8 Jrg7 2,099,255
9 eMf33L 2,008,347
10 Dobson77 1,921,722

Day 1B of the Mini 6-Max Knockout saw 1,855 players buy in and it was “RSG9588” whose star shone the brightest. The player who tops the Day 1B chip counts with a 4,069,710 stack finds themselves second in chip overall, trailing only “Harocopos”.

They’ve already accumulated $5.86 in bounty payments so are showing a profit even before reaching the money places; that’s the beauty of a PKO tournament. Speaking of the money places, 408 of the 473 players who return at 20:05 CET on November 4 will bank some additional prize money. One of them will see their $1.10 investment turn into $556.95 plus a chunky bounty payment to boot.

Monster #06 – Rebuy: $20K Gtd

Buy-in: $5.50
Entrants: 1,705
Prize pool: $20,960

Place Player Prize
1 komisz $3,488.64
2 albqq $2,479.88
3 anibordo95 $1,611.40
4 Eesmaeralda21 $1,087.82
5 Skrufs $771.32
6 Make1o1break $540.76
7 chrislau3077 $375.18
8 vodkashot99 $293.44
9 edoustaves13 $238.94

“komisz” is the latest partypoker player to become a Monster Series champion. They triumphed in the Monster #06 – Rebuy, a $5.50 tournament that had a $20,000 guaranteed prize pool. That prize pool swelled to $20,960 after the 1,705 entrants made 1,675 rebuys and purchased 812 add-ons.

This resulted in a top prize worth $3,488.64, which is now nestled in the account of komisz. They defeated “albqq” heads-up to claim the title, resulting in the runner-up banking $2,479.88.

Two other players walked away with four-figure prizes. Third-place finisher “anibordo95” collected $1,611.40 while “Eesmarealda21” scooped $1,087.82.

Monster #06 – Rebuy: $2K Gtd

Buy-in: $0.55
Entrants: 1,054
Prize pool: $2,000

Place Player Prize
1 Dominguo93 $339.40
2 Aden7777777 $243.64
3 zoonet1 $161.16
4 Greatergood2020 $109.20
5 mr bean $77.40
6 iEZ4Mi $54.80
7 Phenomeno2000 $38.40
8 icoxyd $30.40
9 sanecheg.k $25.20

“Dominguo93” enjoyed one of the best returns on investment of the Monster Series so far courtesy of winning the $0.55 buy-in edition of the rebuy event. The 1,054-strong field made 1,174 rebuys and bought 488 add-ons.

The champion’s initial investment is now worth $339.40, which is pretty incredible when you think about it. The three players finishing in second through fourth also won three-figure prizes.

“Greatergood2020” netted $109.20 for their fourth-place exit before “zonet1” won the $161.16 third-place prize. “Aden7777777” was the tournament’s runner-up and they reeled in $243.64 for their efforts.

What Monster Series Events Can You Play Today?

November 4 sees two new Monster Series tournaments take place in addition to Day 2 of both the Mini 6-Max Knockout and the 6-Max Knockout.

Monster #07 – 7-Max and the Mini 7-Max shuffle up and deal at 20:05 CET. The command buy-ins of $22 and $2.20 and have guaranteed prize pools worth $75,000 and $7,500 respectively.

Both of these 7-max events have late registration until the end of the 12th level and only one re-entry is permitted. Play ends after the 18th level concludes, will you be one of the names featuring in our blog on Thursday morning? There’s only one way to make that happen!

Time (GMT) Time (CET) Event Buy-in
19:05 20:05 Monster #07 – 7-Max Day 1A: $75K Gtd $22
19:05 20:05 Monster #07 – Mini 7-Max Day 1A: $7.5K Gtd $2.20

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