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Day 7 of the $2.7 million Monster Series saw another 15 champions crowned and another $269,089 in prize money paid out despite the tournaments’ buy-ins ranging between $0.44 and a still affordable $33.

The seventh day of the Monster Series saw all tournaments switch to a six-max format, which added even mro fun and excitement to the series.

Which partypoker players won the most on Day 6 of Monster Series? Keep reading to find out.

Monster Series: The Story So Far

  • Event played: 105
  • Events remaining: 18
  • Money awarded: $2,259,654

Monster Series Day 7 Highlights

Monster #32-High: $50K Gtd 6-Max

  • Buy-in: $27
  • Entries: 1,517
  • Prize pool: $50,000
  • ITM: 204

The hot, sunny weather around Europe meant a lower turnout than expected, but this meant extra value for those people playing in the event. We added more than $12,500 to the prize pool to ensure the $50,000 guarantee was met, much to the delight of the 204 players who reached the money place.

Monster-32-High: $50K Gtd 6-Max saw 1,517 players head to the partypoker tables and there were all outlasted by “BrNNN1995” who emerged victorious to claim $6,523 after a heads-up deal. “Azzlack1” was the other player part of the deal; their second-place finish was worth $6,309.

Place Player Prize
1 BrNNN1995 $6,523*
2 Azzlack1 $6,309*
3 porompompomp $4,150
4 uBetiWin19 $3,000
5 xxAYADxx $2,000
6 RocamboRrr $1,250

*reflects a heads-up deal

Monster #33-High: $100K Gtd 6-Max

  • Buy-in: $33
  • Entries: 2,030
  • Prize pool: $100,000
  • ITM: 276

Monster #33-High: $100K Gtd was another event ending in a heads-up chop, this time it was worth more than $23,000 combined. “AFD177” was the official runner-up and walked away with $11,203 while “hamilton49x” secured a cool $12,503 for their victory.

Team partypoker’s Louise “lou045” Butler cashed in the tournament, the Irish starlet fell in 208th place for $125. Butler will be batting in out in the three Monster Series Ladies events at 19:00 CET on May 6th.

Place Player Prize
1 hamilton49x $12,503*
2 AFD177 $11,203*
3 UchinaSSJ $7,750
4 OHMS_L4W $5,600
5 gr15228 $3,710
6 CorpCashFLow $2,150

*reflects a heads-up deal

Monster #34-High: $25K Gtd 6-Max Fast

  • Buy-in: $16.50
  • Entries: 1,301
  • Prize pool: $25,000
  • ITM: 180

“fAIRtellizer” turned $16.50 into $3,868 by topping a field of 1,301 entrants in the Monster #34-High: $25K Gtd 6-Max Fast. The tournament shuffled up and dealt at 21:00 CET and was wrapped up by 04:27 CET. The champion scooped $3,868, which converts to an impressive $516 per hour.

Some 180 players received prize money for their effort, a min-cash was worth $39, a final table appearance boosted this to $641 and the winner banked $3,868.

Place Player Prize
1 fAIRtellizer $3,868
2 ROROSO820 $2,950
3 KorstenViLa $2,225
4 CristalCandy $1,566
5 alessokol82 $1,025
6 flatnclap $641

Monster Series Events Running Today

Today, Sunday 6th May, is the final day of Monster Series and there is a staggering $642,500 guaranteed to be won. All of the events have guarantees that are twice the size of a normal Monster Series day, although the massive Monster #38-High at 19:00 CET is a Championship Event with a huge $300,000 guaranteed prize pool.

Don’t forget about the trio of Ladies Events kicking off at 19:00 CET. These have buy-ins of $1.50, $7.50 and $33 with guarantees weighing in at $500, $2,000 and $5,000.

Time (CET) Event Buy-in
15:00 Monster #36-Low: $2K Gtd $0.88
15:00 Monster #36-Mid: $10K Gtd $4.40
15:00 Monster #36-High: $50K $22
17:00 Monster #37-Low: $5K Gtd $1.10
17:00 Monster #37-Mid: $20K Gtd $5.50
17:00 Monster #37-High: $100K Gtd $27
19:00 Monster #38-Low: $10K Gtd $1.50
19:00 Monster #38-Mid: $50K Gtd $7.50
19:00 Monster #38-High: $300K Gtd $33
19:00 Monster #39-Low: $500 Gtd Ladies Event $1.50
19:00 Monster #39-Mid: $2K Gtd Ladies Event $7.50
19:00 Monster #39-High: $5K Gtd Ladies Event $33
21:00 Monster #40-Low: $2K Gtd Fast $0.66
21:00 Monster #40-Mid: $10K Gtd Fast $3.30
21:00 Monster #40-High: $50K Gtd Fast $16.50
23:00 Monster #41-Low: $1 Gtd Turbo $0.44
23:00 Monster #41-Mid: $5K Gtd Turbo $2.20
23:00 Monster #41-High: $20 Gtd Turbo $11

Want a mention in our daily Monster Series recaps? All you need to do is reach the final table of our biggest guaranteed events and you’ll have your name displayed to the world on the partypoker blog.

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