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Imagine heading to the Caribbean full of high hopes for the week of poker that lay ahead, then returning home having won $620,000 during your poker vacation. It would be amazing, right? Well that is exactly what Troy Quenneville managed to do thanks to finishing as runner-up to Niall Farrell in the WPT Caribbean Main Event then going on to win the partypoker Million tournament in Punta Cana.

2016 partypoker Million Final Table Results

Place Player< Prize
1 Troy Quenneville $400,000
2 Erik Cajelais $250,000
3 Edward Van Klooster $150,000
4 Andre-Lucian Boghean $90,000
5 Fabian Jergen $70,275
6 Ari Engel $58,000
7 David Yan $46,000
8 Martin Kozlov $36,000

A mixture of good play and some run good helped Quenneville reach the eight-handed final table of the $2 million guaranteed partypoker Million tournament at the Caribbean Poker Party as an overwhelming chip leader. Quenneville held 8.1 million in chips with his nearest rival, David Yan, holding 3.5 million.

Martin Kozlov was the first casualty of the final table, committing his short stack with the powerhouse hand that is and finding a caller in the shape of Quenneville who held . Quenneville paired his ten on the flop and caught a jack on the turn to bust Kozlov in eighth place.

Next to fall was David Yan, an exception poker talent who first cut his teeth in the online poker world. Yan found himself all-in with a pair of sevens against the of Quenneville. Of course, Quenneville won the coinflip, catching the on the river to send Yan home earlier than many expected.

Quenneville took a hiatus from his role of one-man wrecking ball to allow Erik Cajelais’ dominated to come from behind to beat Ari Engel’s , again the river being the crucial street as the appeared there.

Engel’s exit left five players in the hunt for the $400,000 first place prize and those five became four when Fabian Jergen attempted to steal the blinds and antes with his and Quenneville called with a pair of eights. Jergen failed to melt those snowmen and he became the fifth place finisher.

Andre-Lucian Boghean fell in fourth place and was the last player not to secure a six-figure prize for their efforts. Boghean ran a spectacular bluff at the worst possible time to be eliminated at the hands of Edward Van Klooster.

Boghean completed for 60,000 with and Van Klooster checked in the big blind with . A perfect flop for Van Klooster fell and both men checked. The turn improved Van Klooster to a full house but it was Boghean who led for 120,000, a bet that Van Klooster called. The river was the , Boghean checked, Van Klooster bet 350,000 and then had the easiest call of his career when Boghean check-raised all-in. Game over for the plucky Boghean.

Van Klooster couldn’t put those new found chips to good use and bust in third place, at the hands of Quenneville, to send the tournament to the heads-up stage where Quenneville enjoyed a massive chip lead over Cajelais.

Cajelais doubled when his aces held against ace-king and won another big pot when his ace-ten prevailed against Quenneville’s king-queen to drag himself back into contention. The Canadian’s comeback ended prematurely, however, when Cajelais was all-in with against Quenneville’s and when the dealer spread the board, Cajelais bust in second place and Quenneville was announced as the inaugural partypoker Million champion, an accolade that came with $400,000 in cash.

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