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If you’re fortunate enough to have some time away from the workplace this festive season you may be planning to play more poker than usual during your free time. This is great because Christmas can be a potentially profitable time at the poker tables, but you need to be careful and disciplined as people can easily fall into bad habits at this time of year.

There are a number of ways that you can increase your chances of a profitable Christmas at partypoker this year, below are five tips you can apply to your game, can you think of any others?

Take advantage of the various promotions

Promotions are a great way to add to your bottom line so it is worth checking both your partypoker account and the promotions section of the partypoker website to see which promotions are running and when.

We are putting together something for the Christmas period that is going to be huge value, so make sure you keep checking our blog and social media channels for details of it.

Avoid playing after Christmas Dinner

Let’s be honest, the majority of us overindulge at Christmas dinner, whether it’s far too many “pigs in blankets,” extra turkey, or a slab of Christmas pudding. This is all well and good except it is really bad for you if you want to play poker to the best of your ability.

Eating a large meal can make you lethargic and cause drops in concentration– we’ve all heard of the dreaded “food coma” – as your body battles to cope with the onslaught of 10,000 calories! Avoid playing poker after a big meal, but be aware that others may not heed this advice so logging on at traditional dinner times around the world could see you face some sleepy opponents!

Avoid playing after indulging in some alcohol

Another thing traditionally overdone at Christmas is the drinking of alcohol. Be it wine with dinner, a “snowball” or port during the afternoon, plenty of people enjoy a tipple. It goes without saying that a poker player under the influence of drink is generally not a good one due to loss of inhibitions, being irrational and the other negatives associated with drinking.

A friend of mine who plays poker for a living, regularly logs into his account at 11:30 pm on an evening to play poker because this is the time the pubs have shut and its patrons gone home in the UK!

Flick through the TV guide

Christmas wouldn’t be Christmas with re-runs of classic films on TV. How many times have you seen The Snowman? There are plenty of people who will sit down to watch a show or film for the umpteenth time, armed with a mince pie and glass of sherry, and decide they’re going to fire up a cash game table or tournament on the partypoker mobile app, therefore not giving the game, or the TV, their full attention – this is obviously good for you!

Consider playing a late-night session

The kids have gone to bed exhausted, you’ve tidied away a million and one boxes, and have enough discarded wrapping paper to start a sizeable bonfire, your guests have returned home with bellies fit to burst, now it’s time for some you time. This is how lots of poker players will think, poker players who are tired from the day’s shenanigans, dozen trifles, and who knows what else. A tired, stressed, and full poker player is one who isn’t going to play to the best of their ability, and who is more likely to be leaving chips at the table!

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