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One way that poker players measure their profitability is by calculating their Return On Investment, or ROI as it is often abbreviated. This figure, expressed as a percentage, shows how much money they make for each $1 invested. A 100% ROI means for every $1 they spend entering a tournament they make $1 profit.

There have been some great success stories over the years, stories of poker players winning their way into bigger buy-in tournaments and walking away with a large score, but 46-year-old chef, Terry Green, has a story to blow all of those out of the water because last month he turned a $0.01 investment into $9,625 – an ROI of 96,249,900%!

The Lancastrian, who lives with his partner, Donna, has been playing poker for around five years and at partypoker for three of those. Partypoker was one of the first online poker sites that Terry signed up as he likes the “great level playing field” and value in the promotions. One favourite of Terry’s are the satellite tournaments that award tickets, and it is here where he enjoyed his recent success.

“I set myself a goal to see how far I could get for $0.01 in the Ticket Brawls tournaments. I won a $5.50 ticket, which progressed to a $22 ticket, and then a $109 ticket. This then led me to winning the $50,000 guaranteed Uppercut tournament!”

Terry’s quest looked set to end with no cash for his efforts because as the money bubble approached in The Uppercut, he found himself with less than a big blind, and in 53rd place with 54 spots paid. However, Lady Luck was shining down on the man from Leigh and he “woke up with pocket tens, hit quads on the flop, and picked up pocket aces next.” Before he knew it, Terry had progressed to the final table where big bucks awaited.

One by one the finalists fell by the wayside and Terry found himself heads-up with an opponent he says was strong.

“We battled for around 15-minutes and it was all a little surreal,” said Terry to the partypoker blog, “I offered the chance of a deal, but they didn’t accept.” The rest, as they say, is history because Terry won the heads-up match and collected a cool $9,625.

Instead of celebrating right away, Terry headed off to bed “as this journey had taken 14-hours,” but he and Donna are now booking a holiday and the pair of lovebirds are now planning their wedding!

Looking to ride the crest of a wave, Terry plans to head to Old Trafford for the latest leg of the Grand Prix Poker Tour on the weekend of January 16-17, 2016. We know he’ll be there, will you?

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