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The New Year is now upon us and everyone at partypoker hopes that this is your most profitable year at the felt that you have enjoyed. One way to give your bankroll a boost as we welcome 2016 in is by taking part in the month-long promotion known as the $400 Daily Shot.

As the name suggests, the $400 Daily Shot gives you the chance to walk away with up to $400 in cash every single day during January 2016! It’s a simple promotion, one where you play real money cash games or tournaments where you earn 2 points per $1 paid in rake or fees, and the more points you earn on a given day the bigger and more lucrative your prize is.

How to play in the $400 Daily Shot

  • Log into your partypoker account
  • Click Rewards
  • Click the Promotions tab
  • Click $400 Daily Shot
  • Opt-in every day during January
  • Earn points to be rewarded as shown in the table below

What can I win in the $400 Daily Shot?

Difficulty Points Prize Value
Very Easy 5 $0.50 20%
Easy 50 $6.00 24%
Moderate 100 $13.00 26%
Hard 250 $35.00 28%
Very Hard 500 $75.00 30%
Extreme 1,000 $175.00 35%
Ultra 2,000 $400.00 40%

While you must opt-in to this promotion every day from your desktop partypoker software, all play from mobile devices counts towards your total once you have done so. Also, it is worth noting that while points earned towards the promotion are redeemed at the end of the day, any points earned still count towards loyalty tier progression.

The $400 Daily Shot can help you kick off 2016 in style and set you up for a great year at the virtual felt. Should you manage to hit the Moderate level – earning 100 points in a single day – over the course of 20 days in January, you’d not only have $260 extra cash in your account, but you’d also become a Palladium VIP, the pinnacle of our loyalty scheme!

Opt-in to the $400 Daily Shot now and see how high you can climb! Good luck at the tables!

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