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Cast your minds back to October 1, 2015 when we published the article entitled “partypoker is set to level the playing field for everyone” on this very blog. The article highlighted three poker software improvements to be implemented in the coming weeks and two of those are ready and available to you right now.

The scheduled downtime on October 15 was not only for some small routine fixes, but also to launch the first phase of the levelling the playing field project. As promised, from this point forth, the following changes are in effect:

  1. Players wishing to wait for a cash game will join a room-wide waiting list and be randomly seated when a seat that matches their preference becomes available
  2. Players joining a cash game will see the names of their opponents only once their first hand is dealt

These changes help limit the use of third-party software including seating scripts while improving the overall poker ecology for everyone who plays at partypoker.

Phase Two is set to be implemented in the coming week and will see hand histories no longer be available for download, yet will still be viewable from within the partypoker software.

Poker Hall of Fame inductee and partypoker ambassador, Mike Sexton, welcomed the changes and gave reasons for doing so.

“As a professional poker player, I understand players who seek out games with weaker players, but they must realise that those being ‘stalked’ will most likely quit playing if the same user names continually show up at their table when they opt to play. Losing these players is not good for the everyday player or the site. Personally, I think it’s great that recreational players are being protected from the using third party software. Hats off to partypoker for implementing this.”

Golan Shaked, Director of Games, said: “Since we announced our plans to restrict the use of third party tools on our software we have been delighted by the response of the poker community. Today we are pleased to be introducing the first of those changes which will level the playing field for all players.”

Learn about our improvements and how to play poker using our poker software or  you can read more about the new changes and future plans via this article

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