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Those of you who have interacted with the various Dusk Till Dawn and partypoker social media accounts will have met this woman. If you have ever been to Dusk Till Dawn in Nottingham you will have seen this particular lady busy at work while you were grinding, and if you’ve ever attended a party at DTD then you have definitely bumped into her. We are, of course, talking about Nicola Veitch.

Nicola, 31, used to call Essex home but she now claims to live in Sherwood Forest with Robin Hood. While that may not be 100% accurate, the fact she is the Marketing Manager for DTD is.

Unlike many members of the poker industry who find their job by following their passion for the game, Nicola was actually poached from every bachelor party’s favourite haunt, Hooters!

Part of Nicola’s role as a Marketing Manager is to get the word out about the major live and online events that DTD are a part of, although she admits that sometimes her job involves everything in between including feeding the famous Numpty, DTD owner’s dog and unofficial mascot of the Nottingham club.

Nicola Veitch

Nicola Veitch chilling in the pool at the Caribbean Poker Party.

Recently, Nicola was snowed under with work thanks to the Caribbean Poker Party (CPP) and didn’t get much sleep in the run up to the awesome festival.

“The CPP was the biggest project I’ve dealt with since working at DTD, but also the most enjoyable and rewarding (Nicola said the most difficult part of her job was when it rain, the most rewarding was when it was sunny in the Caribbean!). I didn’t sleep for three days before the CPP, then tried to sleep on the partypoker plane and was woken up to ‘Is Nicola asleep?’ which sums up the last few weeks before CPP.”

Nicola works closely with partypoker as our partnership with DTD goes from strength to strength.

“I love the partnership as it allows us to take on so many major projects which aren’t possible without a strong online partner, there are so many tournaments in store and I’m very excited for whats to come.”

Another huge project is the partypoker MILLIONS which recently had its £5 million guarantee boosted to £6 million, not only that but the next 100 players to make it through an Online Phase 1 will bank a £550 cash bonus as a thank you for supporting this ground breaking event.

“We have collected nearly £1 million of this prizepool from phase ones and the CPP Day 1 which shows the amazing support from the players five months in advance of a tournament, we know poker players usually leave qualifying for tournaments to the last minute so as a reward for getting in early I’ve extended the £550 cash back bonus over Christmas to the next 100 players to make it through online phase ones.”

Despite working for the United Kingdom’s premier card room, Nicola isn’t an avid poker player, but she has learned the game and now plays for fun. If she could choose to play a six-handed poker game with five other people, who would she choose?

“This is an easy one! I’d 100% choose the late Devilfish and Chinese Frankie as they were both great friends who I miss daily. I’d also love to play against Stu Ungar after reading Mike Sexton’s book. I’ve also known Mike Sexton for a while now but never played against him so I really need to tick that off my list, and I guess I should ask Mike to invite his good mate Ben Affleck as we’ll need some eye candy at the table!”

So now you know a little more about Nicola. You can find out more by following DTD’s social media channels or heading to partypoker and DTD live events, just don’t exect to stalk her on Facebook because you won’t find her actual account.

“My name actually isn’t Nicola Veitch anymore as I’ve been married for two years but not many players know that, it means I can have an anonymous Facebook where players can’t find me ;)”

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