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Here at partypoker, we’re dedicated to bringing poker to the people. While we celebrate the big wins of the game’s superstars, we’re also equally as excited – if not more so — at the prospect of talking to players who the masses can connect with. That usually means people like you and I.

Our Meet The partypoker People segment gives you the chance to learn more about the players who you bump into at the partypoker tables, people who play a variety of games and stakes from the micro-stakes cash games up to our richest tournaments.

This week’s Meet The People subject is 35-year old postman, Roy Rennison who hails from Southport, Merseyside in the United Kingdom. If you have played cash games, multi-table tournaments or satellite tournaments at partypoker during the past couple of years, there’s a good chance you have played in the same games as renno1979, Roy’s alias.

Since learning how to play Five-Card Stud with his father on his trusty ZX Spectrum 128k computer aged seven, Roy has learned a variety of games but, like many players, prefers Texas Hold’em.

“I love poker but I’m only really proficient in Texas Hold’em,” said Roy, “so I like to mix up the games I play for variation. I play tournaments, cash games and satellites online and live, but I prefer tournaments due to the planning and tactics needed to succeed and the need to concentrate at a high level for long periods.”

Tournaments have been kind to Roy who went on a great run a short while back where he finished third in a $30 rebuy tournament for $1,400 – after only purchasing the add-on – and then went on to win the same tournament for $1,900 a couple of days later.

“Those were the best three days of poker by far,” said Roy, “Although I like to think my biggest achievement would be ironing out a lot of leaks from when I first started playing poker.”

Partypoker has been Roy’s site of choice for two years and he’s a fan of the tournaments on offer, but also the sense of being in a community.

“I just love the sense of community that’s grown stronger more recently, which reminds me of another site I used to play on a few years ago. It definitely adds a lot more to the experience and having the Facebook community page is great.”

Roy is also delighted with the partypoker / Dusk Till Dawn (DTD) partnership and plans to take advantage of the amazing satellites to DTD events in the future.

“I absolutely love the partnership. There are great value tournaments and satellites running and I only see it as a good thing. Next year, I will be hitting the satellites a lot more, especially for the Dusk Till Dawn Grand Prix, and hope to get that first major live cash under my belt.”

One person who will benefit from that live cash should it come, and we see no reason why it won’t, is Roy’s girlfriend, Saraya, who Roy admits to having to put up with his constant poker talk! Roy’s on a mission to build a bankroll during the second half of 2015 so he can “play larger, more prestigious tournaments, hopefully winning a large payout” so he can continue his love affair with poker and “treat the girlfriend to a few nice things as well.”

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  1. Would like if you could interview my friend Dave Rose. Known as @jonorgia on twitter