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$100,000. That is the tidy sum that is currently nestled in the partypoker account of Antonius Samuel, his prize money for coming out on top of the inaugural partypoker Grand Prix Million at Dusk Till Dawn (DTD) in Nottingham.

Winning a major tournament is a remarkable enough achievement in its own right, but Samuel’s is even more impressive when you consider he had to outlast a staggering 7,249 other players on his way to glory, making this event the largest-ever Grand Prix that DTD has run.

Samuel was one of 50 players to return to their seats on Monday 25 May to play out the final leg of the $1,000,000 guaranteed spectacular. Some well-known names in the poker world joined Samuel in the quest for the $100,000 first place prize but the likes of Timotheos “TimTim” Timotheou (45th for $3,000), Tristan Chaplin (39th for $3,500), Yiannis Liperis (31st for $4,000), Julian Thew (23rd for $4,750), Mark Lane (19th for $5,000) and Jack Allen (16th for $5,500) all crashed out before the eight-handed final table was set.

One man who deserves a special mention is Lee Connett who finished in 17th place for a $5,500 score. Connett qualified for the $120 buy-in tournament for just $0.01 at partypoker and can now boast of an incredible return on his investment.

First to fall at the final table was Patrick Sunter whose improved to a pair of kings on the flop in a hand against Daniel Harwood. All the chips went flying into the middle of the felt and Sunter would have felt confident until Harwood turned over [Qx][Qx] for a set of queens. No help came on the turn or river and Sunter was gone.

Kuljunder Sidhu was going great until two big hands didn’t go his way and he was left with a short stack and in desperate need of a boost. His final hand saw him commit the rest of his chips with the lowly [5x][2x] and Stacy Coore call with [Ax][Qx]. Neither player improved by the river, but Coore didn’t need to, and the final table lost another player.

The aforementioned Harwood fell in sixth place — his set no match for Tasos Grigoriou’s straight – and he was followed to the side lines first by Vlad Alexandru Lazariciu, then by Nadeem Ali, and Grigoriou, the latter’s exit sending the tournament into the heads-up stage.

A cooler of a hand saw Samuel take a massive lead early on in the one-on-one match. Pairs are extremely strong hands heads up so nobody can blame Stacy Coore for getting his chips in with . However, those sevens were crushed by the powerhouse hand that is and when the board ran Coore was let with only three big blinds.

Those blinds went into the post with after Samuel had set his opponent all-in with the and when the dealer spread the community cards, Coore crashed out and a delighted Samuel was crowned the 2015 partypoker Grand Prix Million champion.

partypoker Grand Prix Million Final Table Results

Place Player Prize
1 Antonius Samuel $100,000
2 Stacy Coore $65,000
3 Tasos Grigoriou $45,000
4 Nadeem Ali $35,000
5 Vlad Alexandru Lazariciu $26,350
6 Daniel Harwood $19,000
7 Kuljinder Sidhu $13,500
8 Patrick Sunter $10,000

Check out what Samuel had to say following his epic victory.


If you missed out on glory this time around, don’t worry because partypoker and DTD are going to put on another $1 million guaranteed event in December. Stay tuned to the partypoker blog in the coming weeks for more details on that exciting development.

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