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We’ve had an overwhelming positive response to our Meet The partypoker People campaign with dozens of partypoker players taking time out from crushing the tables to chat with us here at the partypoker blog. This week’s segment sees us sit down with Paul Tuvey, the man behind Poker at the 147 Snooker Centre. Let’s find out a little about Paul, what he does, what makes him tick and, of course, his love of this crazy game we call poker.

partypoker: Thanks for chatting with us, Paul. Would you be so kind as to give our readers a little bit of background information about you.

Paul: My Name is Paul Tuvey and I am 50-years old. I was Born in Welwyn Garden City, Hertfordshire and moved to Huntingdon in 1991. I am currently single and living alone with my Border Collie dog.

I work in the IT industry as an Infrastructure Support Analyst for Capgemini. Outside of work, I am currently involved in running poker tournaments at my local snooker centre several days a week where we get between 20-30 players on most nights. I am also very good 8-Ball pool player and play in a local pub league and have played to county level.

How long have you been playing poker? How long of that time have you been playing at partypoker?

I have been playing poker for about five years now, but have only started playing at partypoker since the partnership with Dusk Till Dawn. The DTD club in Nottingham is my favourite venue to play poker at.

How did you first discover poker?

I first discovered poker when I was invited to play in a monthly home game with work collegues. Since then, I have been playing as much as I possibly can within my income.

Do you prefer to play cash games, sit ‘n’ go, multi-table tournaments or satellites? What is it about this format that appeals to you? Have you always played this format?

I prefer to play MTTs because I enjoy playing live at local venues or casinos and the buy-in is relatively cheap. However, if I play online I tend to dabble with all formats depending on how much time I have available.

What made you sign up for a partypoker account?

I signed up for a partypoker account because of their partnership with Dusk till Dawn and because I wanted to enter the Grand Prix Million, which I thought was an exceptional tournament with a great guarantee and first place prize. The trophy was pretty cool to and would have liked to have won it.


What do you like the most about partypoker?

What I especially like about partypoker is the iPhone app which is very easy to navigate and use. I usually play poker on my phone once I get knocked out of a live tournament and am waiting for friends to also bust. I also enjoy the different poker games you can play and especially like satellites to bigger tournaments.

What do you dislike the most about partypoker?

I don’t really dislike anything about partypoker except I suppose when I lose a hand where I am huge favourite to unbelievable odds. (That’s poker! -Ed)

Who is your favourite poker player and why?

I would say Daniel Negreanu is my most favourite player. He plays with so much passion and is a true ambassador for the game. He is the player I most like to watch and learn from and he is also a very funny guy.

Who do you think are the top three poker players in the world?

The top three players for me are Daniel Negreanu, Antonio Esfandiari and Sam Trickett

If you could go back in time to when you first played poker, what advice would you give to your novice self?

Enjoy the game and don’t take it too seriously.

Many people claim that winning at poker is more difficult than ever. Do you agree? Is there still money to be made?

Yes I do agree. Take last year for example, I won six tournaments at my local casino. This year I am struggling to win my first tournament. I reach the final table, but the cards just seem to let me down. I believe there is still money to be made but it is much harder to come by.

What do you think of the partypoker / DTD partnership and forum?

I think the partnership is great. I love that you can win tickets on partypoker to live events at Dusk Till Dawn. Unfortunately, I am still trying to win one!

Have you qualified for any live events via partypoker? What were they and how was the experience?

No I haven’t but not from the lack of trying!

What three tips would you give our readers wanting to become a successful poker player?

  1. Study up on the game through the Internet and poker literature and also watch live tournaments online to study how players play certain hands
  2. Identify what type of players you are playing against and figure out the best ways to win their chips
  3. After each game analyse where you played well and where you played bad so you can try and better yourself in the next tournament

Lastly, what are you poker goals for the rest of 2015 and beyond?

My poker goals are to try and win as many tournaments as I can. Hopefully, with a big payout to fulfil my dreams of playing the best poker tournament in the world that every poker player dreams of winning.

So now you know more about Paul Tuvey. Keep checking back to the partypoker blog every Monday as we introduce you to your fellow partypoker players and the staff that play an integral role in keeping your poker site running smoothly!

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