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To play poker or not to play poker, that is the question? It’s not a trick question and the answer is, of course, yes.

With the $32,000 promotion well under way in the partypoker UK community Facebook forum, many of you are winning seats and starting to get nervous about playing in the “Grand Prix Million“, May’s showcase live event.

It’s natural to have fears and reservations about playing in a live poker event, especially if you’ve never before done so. Try to put those fears to bed as, rest assured, it will be one of your most rewarding experiences.

The first and most important thing about playing live poker is being able to control and channel your fear. Everyone has the ability, regardless of stature, experience, wealth or confidence, to conquer your fears. You won’t know what you’re made of until challenging yourself and you don’t need years of experience to succeed. And the only way to gain experience, stature, wealth and confidence is to hit the felt.

For many, the idea of playing poker, and being good at it, is something you see only in movies.

You might imagine being James Bond or Elizabeth Taylor, smoothly taking your seat in a sharp tux or gliding up to the felt in an elegant gown, swooping down upon the table, and your villainous opponents, like a bird of prey.

Counting a few million in chips while stroking a cat, you’ll be drinking martinis and introducing yourself just like Bond, James Bond.

Having every player at your mercy and exactly where you want them, you win the hand and walk away with all the chips, but not before turning to Matt Damon and telling him precisely what hand he’s holding.

Accept that things will go wrong and learn from them

Of course real life is not quite the same. You hang around the table trying to work out if you’re allowed to go over and sit in the empty seat with a wad of cash or if you’re going to look like an idiot because you were supposed to exchange it for chips.

You manage to sit down without incident, but realize too late that you’ve sat down at a 100/200 game. Being too embarrassed to leave, you’re forced to spend your life savings on one hand before quickly folding and pretending you need to be elsewhere.

It then dawns on you. You have to call your wife and explain to her how it isn’t your fault the kids can no longer attend uni.

Well that might be a slight exaggeration, but you can see how fear can sometimes get the best of inexperienced players. So if you’re thinking about hitting the felt, the first thing you have to do is lose your fear and just have fun.
The poker wave crested over 10 years ago. It has been round the world and is back for another, so now is the time to jump on board.

I’ve jumped on board with partypoker and ask that you join me for the ride. Leave your fears behind, and you never know, you might make some money along the way.

If you join the exclusive partypoker UK community Facebook forum, where we are giving away $32,000 in Grand Prix Million seats and where you can win a $120 seat for $0.01, you’ll finally have a chance to play at a live game with thousands of other like-minded, amateur players.

And that’s just the tip of the iceberg as we’re also giving away hundreds of dollars in other promotions while chatting about all-things poker.

So what are you waiting for? ‘Click Here’ to be a part of it.

Michelle x

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