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The ongoing Legend of the Week promotion continues to make legends out of partypoker players. One such player is 35-year-old Alex who you may have bumped into at the partypoker table where he is known as “changeupdated”.

Alex lives in Cheshire, United Kingdom, a beautiful part of the world where is juggles his day job as an IT Manager, looking after his four-year-old son, and climbing up the ranks of the poker world.

Lewis, a friend of his, is credited with getting Alex into poker. The pair study together and have some friendly competition between them.

“I discovered poker from a friend, Lewis. We started out in casinos and eventually started playing $2 and $4 sit & go tournaments. We then moved onto MTTs after a year or two break. Out initial plans were to work out way up to heading to Las Vegas last year, but for obvious reasons, we could not go so instead decided to stream our play at the micro-stakes as a duo stream, and train together to improve our game.”

“We started a monthly competition based on who made the most profit with the loser staking the other in the Predator on partypoker. The stream is still tiny with less than 10 viewers at any one time but we have fun and we learn as we go.”

Finishing Second in The Terminator Twice

Alex was triumphant in the Legend of the Week Leader 3, meaning he excelled in The Terminator and The Ocean’s, both of which are $11 buy-in tournaments. His leaderboard-topping performances banked Alex $985 worth of Daily Legends tickets.

  • $320 ticket to The 300
  • $215 ticket to The Warrior
  • 3x $150 Daily Legends tickets

“After winning a tournament on Monday, I stepped up to the $11s and added The Terminator and Ocean’s to my schedule. I was already playing the Legends from leaderboard 1 and 2 so it made sense. Before last week I had only played the occasional $11. I think I got a min-cash in the Ocean’s and not much luck in the other tournaments but managed a deep run in the Terminator for second-place.”

Another deep run in the Terminator saw Alex climb Leaderboard 3 and he set his sights on the top prize. He knew finishing in the top 16 of another Terminator would see him finish in the top three of Leaderboard 3.

“I managed to get into the final four of the Terminator which put me in first place in the Legends of the Week race. Eventually, I finished second in the Terminator again which locked up first place and rounded off a great week of poker for me.”

Daily Legends Tournaments Are Perfect For Alex

Incredible work to finish second in the Terminator twice! Amazing prizes aside, what does Alex love most about the Legend of the Week promotion?

“I think Legend of the Week is great. Their tournaments are the staple of my MTT schedule and I intend to play them each week. I really like the league and I don’t know anywhere that does anything similar. It adds another level of ICM to the game where every cash counts towards your points total.”

“The Daily Legends tournaments work well for me. With work and a young kid, I need a set of tournaments that fit into an evening and that don’t start too early or finish too late.”

Alex hopes to take his game up a level or two so he can build a bankroll sufficient enough to see him head to Las Vegas. We would not bet against him achieving his goal, especially with his fantastic showing in the Legend of the Week promotion.

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