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The KO Series is nearing a thrilling conclusion with all three Main Events reaching their final tables. Only a handful of events remain uncompleted and these crown their champions today. January 19 is going to be huge for KO Series players.

KO Series #21 Main Event Final Table Chip Counts

“Kabyzzz” is the player to catch going into the final table of the $1,050 KO Series Main Event. Play concluded as soon as the final table was set and only Kabyzzz and second-placed “PHUNERAL” were sat behind more than 20 million chips.

Our leader is armed with 24,967,279 chips while PHUNERAL is armed with a stack of 21,206,658 chips. Between these two grinder, they have accumulated almost $22,000 worth of bounty payments so are nailed on for a huge score. They are already guaranteed $7,736 from the main prize pool but a top prize of $76,013 awaits the champion.

In addition to Kabuzz ($12,083), three other finalists have locked in five-figures worth of bounties. “Balls2Heart1” returns in third place with $10,497 worth of bounties with “Jupiter Jones” sitting back down in fourth having $13,269 from the bounty prize pool already in their partypoker account.

Lower down the counts in seventh-place is “Jamnix_90” whose 12 knockouts have resulted in a $12,476 bounty payment so far.

Place Player Chips
1 Kabyzzz 24,967,279
2 PHUNERAL 21,206,658
3 Balls2Heart1 17,412,001
4 Jupiter Jones 14,536,425
5 ThanksBro 13,448,200
6 HolaComoEXtas 11,210,885
7 Jamnix_90 6,690,758
8 PhatToad 6,462,007
9 Kaikki rahat 2,765,922

KO Series #21 Mini Main Event Final Table Chip Counts

“STDCALLRANGEXD” finished Day 1A of the $109 KO Series Mini Main Event 10th in chips and built on that impressive start on Day 2. They held the most chips in play when the dust settled; they return to the action with 68,003,211 chips in their arsenal.

The chip leader has busted 14 opponents so far and that means they have $1,586 worth of bounties to add to any prize money they receive. Although they’re in pole position right now, the likes of “SentaaPua” (60,303,171) and “Flush-Nemesis85” (56,943,973) are also sporting big stacks and will have a major influence over where the title heads.

The structure of these Main Events is so good that event “LOVEONTOPREG”, the final table’s shortest stack with 21,413,688 chips, has more than 26 big blinds at their disposal. This Main Event is anything but over and we can’t wait to see who comes out on top tonight.

Place Player Chips
2 SentaaPua 60,303,171
3 Flush-Nemesis85 56,943,973
4 Albopkr100 50,146,546
5 Scelevco 47,673,701
6 whyuslurpin 27,781,352
7 QTS106_ 25,718,093
8 plzhold 24,049,658
9 LOVEONTOPREG 21,413,688

KO Series #21 Micro Main Event Final Table Chip Counts

The $11 KO Series Micro Main Event is also down to its nine-handed final table and two players who reached it almost hit 100 million chips!

“somuchfun” is having so much fun at the top of the chip counts. They have 98,646,409 chips in front of them plus more than $353 worth of scalps already. “germankyiv99” is the other player with a huge stack. They currently occupy second place courtesy of their 94,794,034 stack.

At the other end of the scale you find “Phil1812” who literally scraped onto the final table. Their 4,255,998 stack is the equivalent of a mere three big blinds so they have their work cut out for them at the restart. Anything can happen in this game, however, and just three double ups would see then right back in contention!

Place Player Chips
1 somuchfun 98,646,409
2 germankyiv99 94,794,034
3 MJordan 78,880,426
4 UBRANONER 76,560,000
5 Starter1001 73,467,372
6 xBernardsx 71,489,052
7 Rover1983 39,368,542
8 LukeXRPaces 27,981,478
9 Phil1812 4,255,998

Other KO Series Results From January 18

  • fAkETaXi87– first-place in the $215 KO Series 7-Max for $12,104
  • Bad_Ju_Ju_– first-place in the $22 KO Series Mini 7-Max for $3,293
  • neziuhkeeb – first-place in the $2.20 KO Series Micro 7-Max for $362
  • LIVINGLIKEPABLO– first-place in the $320 KO Series 6-Max Hyper for $11,134
  • Parkiupokeris – first-place in the $33 KO Mini Series 6-Max Hyper for $3,778
  • domino4ever – first-place in the $3.30 KO Micro Series 6-Max Hyper for $359

KO Series Events Scheduled For January 19

KO Series concludes today so this is your last opportunity to become a KO Series champion.

Cards are in the air at the Main Events’ final tables and the trio of Second Chance Day 2s 19:05 GMT so those are out of bounds to you, but there are six other tournaments to get stuck into.

Three Mix-Max events start at 16:05 GMT prompt. They come with buy-ins of $0.55, $5.50, and $55. At 22:05 GMT you find the three Closer events with their $2.75, $27.50, and $265 buy-ins. Will you sign off from KO Series duty with a bankroll-boosting score and the title of champion?

Time (GMT) Tournament Buy-in
16:05 KO Series Mix-Max: $40K Gtd $55
16:05 KO Series Mini Mix-Max: $7.5K Gtd $5.50
16:05 KO Series Micro Mix-Max: $500 Gtd $0.55
19:05 KO Series #22 Second Chance Day 2: $150K Gtd
19:05 KO Series #22 Mini Second Chance Day 2: $75K Gtd
19:05 KO Series #22 Micro Second Chance Day 2: $15K Gtd
22:05 KO Series #23 Closer: $50K Gtd $265
22:05 KO Series #23 Mini Closer: $25K Gtd $27.50
22:05 KO Series #23 Micro Closer: $5K Gtd $2.75

SPINS Your Way to KO Series Tickets

A full raft of KO Series satellites running through the series but you may want to also check out the KO Series SPINS They only cost $10 to enter yet award either $20 cash or KO Series tickets worth between $33 and $2,100

Multiplier 1st prize Frequency in 1M Games
2 $20 631,954
3.3 $33 KO Series Ticket 240,755
5.5 $55 KO Series Ticket 123,391
10.9 $109 KO Series Ticket 3,000
32 $320 KO Series Ticket 500
53 $530 KO Series Ticket 250
105 $1,050 KO Series Ticket 100
210 $2,100 KO Series Ticket 50

There are also loads of KO Series satellites running each day, giving you the chance to turn a small investment into a major poker title and a bankroll-boosting prize.

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