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The KO Series concluded on January 19 with all three Main Events crowning their champions. Those champions took home a cool $185,003 between them and go down in the partypoker history books forever.

KO Series Main Event Final Table Results

“Kabuzzz” came out on top in the $1,050 KO Series Main Event and locked up a massive payout. First-place weighed in at $76,013 which was boosted by a bounty payment worth $68,049 for a combined score weighing in at $144,062!

The champion defeated “ThanksBro” heads-up to resign the runner-up to a combined prize worth $93,658.

Earlier at the final table, “Kaikki rahat” and “Balls2Heart1” were the first casualties of the evening. “Jamnix_90” joined them on the sidelines after falling in seventh-place before “PHUNERAL” was dead and buried in sixth.

More than $35,000 went to “Jupiter Jones” before “PhatToad” busted in fourth and “HolaComoEXtas” in third, the latter padding their bankroll with $61,185 with bounty payments included.

Place Player Prize Bounties
1 Kabuzzz $76,013 $68,049
2 ThanksBro $75,894 $17,764
3 HolaComoEXtas $50,175 $11,640
4 PhatToad $32,459 $2,562
5 Jupiter Jones $22,082 $13,269
6 PHUNERAL $16,965 $10,738
7 Jamnix_90 $12,425 $12,476
8 Balls2Heart1 $9,831 $10,947
9 Kaikki rahat $7,736 $2,406

KO Series Mini Main Event Final Table Results

“Scelevco” is the partypoker player who won the $109 Mini Main Event, an accolade that came with an impressive $35,800.

Everyone at the final table won more than $3,900 for their efforts, a healthy return for a $109 investment.

The prize money increased with each elimination and by the time “QST106_”, “whyuslurpin”, “FlusH-Nemesis85” and “plzhold” crashed out, everyone had locked up more than $7,400.

“Albopkr100” finished in fifth for $7,459 with “LOVEONTOPREG” banking the first five-figure score of the tournament, namely $10,353, when their tournament ended in a fourth-place finish.

“STDCALLRANGEXD” started the day as the chip leader but could only muster a third-place finish. The prize for this deep run weighed in at $16,065. Their exit left Scelevco and “SentaaPua” heads-up and the former got their hands on all the chip in place. While disappointed not to win, SentaaPua can’t be too disappointed with the $27,876 they scooped for their second-place finish.

Place Player Prize Bounties
1 Scelevco $21,892 $13,908
2 SentaaPua $21,840 $6,036
3 STDCALLRANGEXD $13,865 $2,200
4 LOVEONTOPREG $9,175 $1,178
5 Albopkr100 $6,186 $1,273
6 plzhold $4,582 $705
7 FlusH-Nemesis85 $3,312 $2,399
8 whyuslurpin $2,636 $695
9 QST106_ $2,050 $1,874

KO Series Micro Main Event Final Table Results

The Micro Main Event may have only cost $11 to enter but its champion took home $5,141. That champion is none other than “somuchfun” who came out on top of a fiercely fought final table.

Their final opponent was “UBRANONER” who turned their $11 investment into $3,807 after falling at the final hurdle.

Three other Micro Main Event finalists got their hands on four-figure prizes. “LukeXRPaces” finished in fifth and won $1,107 with “Rover1983” netting $1,367. Third-place finisher reeled in $2,290.

Place Player Prize Bounties
1 somuchfun $3,142 $1,999
2 UBRANONER $3,132 $675
3 xBernardesx $1,957 $333
4 Rover1983 $1,301 $66
5 LukeXRPaces $876 $231
6 germankiyv99 $633 $262
7 MJordan $452 $383
8 Starter1001 $350 $134
9 Phil1812 $278 $55

Other KO Series Results From January 19

  • Tektekmeg – first-place in the $530 KO Series Second Chance for $23,741
  • LickMyCev – first-place in the $265 KO Series Closer for $13,615
  • Player18 – first-place in the $55 KO Series Mini Second Chance for $8,718
  • MantaRays – first-place in the $162 KO Series 6-Max Turbo for $7,843
  • Skrapapa – first-place in the $55 KO Series Mix-Max for $5,681
  • MuckMeGod – first-place in the $27.50 KO Series Mini Closer for $3,875
  • ProudUncle82 – first-place in the $16.50 KO Series Mini 6-Max Turbo for $1,961
  • Nefertiti7 – first-place in the $5.50 KO Series Micro Second Chance for $1,722
  • Imakeymuck – first-place in the $5.50 KO Series Mini Mix-Max for $1,042
  • Sebouch83 – first-place in the $2.75 KO Series Mini Closer for $531
  • Alan Benites – first-place in the $1.65 Micro 6-Max Turbo for $148
  • AgrigA19 – first-place in the $0.55 KO Series Micro Mix-Max for $66

Still Plenty Of Tournament Action at partypoker

KO Series may be over but there are still plenty of tournaments for you to get stuck into.

Our Daily Legends tournaments continue to prove extremely popular plus the WPT Montreal Online Series kicked off last weekend and is awarding some huge prizes, especially in the $2 million guaranteed Main Event. Be sure to check out the mega satellite coming up on January 24 that has 50x $3,200 Main Event Day 1B seats guaranteed; you can win your way into this satellite from only $0.01!

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