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Grant Monaghan had a pleasant surprise when he logged into his partypoker account last week. Tucked away in the “My Tickets” section he found the following that wasn’t there a few hours earlier:

  • The Warrior ticket ($215)
  • The 300 ticket ($320)
  • 3x $150 Daily Legend tickets

Grant had topped Leaderboard 3 of the Legend of the Week promotion and didn’t even know it!

The 32-year-old dad of two young children lives in Ipswich, Suffolk. By day he is a bus driver, but he hits the partypoker tables on a night and, obviously, does quite well from this crazy game.

“I started playing poker when I was in the sixth form. I used to sit on the computers and mess around playing free poker games online with my mates. Then I really started to enjoy it and I wanted to get better, so made my first real money deposit when I turned 18,” Grant told the partypoker blog.

Grinding Sit & Go Tournaments

It wasn’t always multi-table tournaments that Grant played, he started his online poker career grinding sit & go tournaments, as many players in today’s game.

“I started by playing sit & gos. I had a lot of time on my hands because I was playing semi-professional football and was still in education. It got to the point where I would try playing 50-100 SNG in a day at the $6 or $11 buy-in level and I seemed to make a profit on a consistent basis.”

Mixing football with poker continued for a while until a life-changing event saw Grant ditch both games.

“It wasn’t until my partner at the time fell pregnant with my first child in 2012 that I decided to go out into the real world and knock football and poker on the head. It wasn’t until four years later I decided to get back into poker, but this time I wanted to learn MTTs.”

Jumping Into Multi-Table Tournaments

Coming from a SNG background and jumping into the world of MTTs left Grant feeling like he was “in no man’s land” so he decided to get some help. That help arrived in the shape of the seasoned pro, Paul Jackson.

“I started to improve and get results in tournaments and since that they’re all I’ve played; I’ve never looked back at SNG.”

Some of those results include winning satellites into $10,000 tournaments and winning two tournaments on the same night for a combined score of around $14,000. It’s his latest results turned Grant into the Legend of the Week.

“Now I only play when funds and time allow but I’ve really been grinding these past few months and enjoying some good results. Last week, I finished second in The Terminator and second in The Oceans the following night!”

That pair of runner-up finishes helped Grant finish at the top of Leaderboard 3.

Daily Legends’ Formats Are Brilliant

“I really enjoy the Daily Legends tournaments as the structure and formats are brilliant, especially for people who have work the next morning because they don’t go on until 05:00. Obviously, it’s easy for me to say the Legend of the Week is great because I won it and its fantastic rewards, meaning I have the opportunity to play stakes I don’t usually. I’m so excited to play The 300 and The Warrior on Sunday, hopefully, can get a couple of results, fingers crossed.”

Before Grant got back to his day, he gave a couple of tips for his fellow partypoker players wanting to get a foothold in the Daily Legends tournaments.

“I would say try not to bust early as silly as that sounds. You should never be busting early with 100 big blinds unless you have aces or kings or some real bad cooler. Since I’ve been trying to get my early bust-out stat down, I’ve seemed to improve my results.”

“I also feel like I never tilt, like ever. I never go on about bad beats and it really winds me up when I hear others talk about them because we have all heard the stories before and they can impact your mindset for the rest of the tournaments you’re in at the time. I do believe the psychological side of the game is the most important.”

Try The Daily Legends For Yourself

Daily Legends, as the name suggests run each and every day. They have a wide range of buy-ins to suit every bankroll. As Grant said, they have amazing structures that give you plenty of bang for your buck yet finish at a reasonable time so you can get some well-earned rest.

Playing in certain Daily Legends qualifying you for the Legend of the Week promotion where we give away $60,000 worth of Daily Legends tickets every week to the best performers. You can read all about this epic promotion right here.

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