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Although Daniel ‘Jungleman’ Cates’ is in town for the PartyPoker Premier League VI, he’s still very much got the Durrrr Challenge against Tom Dwan on his mind. “Tom is very difficult to deal with in regards to the challenge,” he says calmly. “I feel bad debasing him or anything, but he’s clearly not incentivized to completing the challenge.”

He’s Just Not Cooperating At All

That might be to do with the fact that in the terms of the challenge if Dwan is ahead by $1 or more, his opponent must fork over $500,000. But, if Dwan’s opponent is ahead by $1 or more, the youngster has to pay $1.5 million. The challenge is over 50,000 hands, just 19,335 have been played and Jungleman is up $1,251,059. “He doesn’t really care about it at all. It’s clear he’s going to lose too.,” adds Cates. “It makes sense for him not to finish it but I want to finish it, or get him to resign or whatever. But he’s not even playing it, it’s crazy, I don’t know if it’ll ever finish, he’s just not cooperating at all.”

Going live?

The challenge whilst still active has stalled and Cates has a novel idea for how it could be resurrected. The last hand we played in it was 2011, it’d take a really long time to play it live, but we could play some of it live, that’s an interesting idea.

Watch the live stream and Join In!

We’ll have to wait to see what happens with this chapter of the Durrrr Challenge, but as for now Jungleman is concentrating all his efforts on the Premier League VI.

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