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The 2014 partypoker World Poker Tour Montreal Main Event is over and it is Jonathan Jaffe who is its champion, defeating Ratharam Sivagnanam heads-up to claim the $463,432 first place prize. Jaffe now has more than $2 million in live tournament winnings and will forever be a WPT champion.

Day 5 kicked off shortly after 15:35 ET on Thursday with only six players in the hunt for the title. Jaffe had his nose out in front, but was being chased down by some of poker’s finest tournament specialists, any of whom would have made a worthy winner.

The 2014 partypoker WPT Montreal finalists

The 2014 partypoker WPT Montreal finalists

2014 partypoker WPT Montreal Main Event Final Table

Seat Player Chips
1 Jonathan Jaffe 7,495,000
2 Samuel Chartier 2,065,000
3 Guillaume Nolet 2,060,000
4 Kevin MacPhee 1,570,000
5 Ratharam Sivagnanam 6,845,000
6 Mukul Pahuja 1,900,000
Guillaume Nolet

Guillaume Nolet: 6th Place for $90,350

Ten hands into proceedings the final table lost its first player. Guillaume Nolet was left with less than a small blind after a clash with Mikul Pahuja didn’t go his way. Nolet called all-in for 30,000 from middle position, Sivagnanam raised to 200,000 from the button then called when Jaffe raised to 480,000 from the big blind.

Jaffe led for 175,000 on the flop and Sivagnanam folded,. Nolet flipped over the lowly and was in a whole world of pin because Jaffe held . The turn and river came and and Nolet was gone in sixth place.

Samuel Chartier

Samuel Chartier: 5th Place for $111,820

Fifteen hands later and the final table became a little less shark infested thanks to Samuel Chartier crashing out.

Chartier raised to 175,000 from under the gun with , Sivagnanam three-bet to 430,000 with and Chariter four-bet all-in for 2,475,000. Sivagnanam called and when the five community cards fell it was game over for Chartier.

Kevin MacPhee

Kevin MacPhee: 4th Place for $149,340

Next to fall was Kevin MacPhee, 10 hands after Chariter busted.

Jaffe raised to 215,000 from the button with and then called when MacPhee re-raised all-in from the small blind for 1,795,000 with what turned out to be . Jaffe caught two pair on the flop and MacPhee could now only hit a jack to stay in the competition. The on the turn left MacPhee drawing dead, rendering the on the river meaningless.

Mukul Pahuja

Mukul Pahuja: 3rd Place for $201,920

Three-handed play only lasted 19 hands and ended with the elimination of Mukul Pahuja, the man who finished second in this tournament during last season.

Jaffe opened the preflop betting with a raise to 260,000 from the button, a bet that Pahuja re-raised to 740,000 from the big blind. Jaffe then put in a raise of his own, setting the price to play at 1,400,000. Pahuja paused for a minute before moving all-in for 4,600,000 and Jaffe snap-called.

Pahuja needed some help from the board because his trailed Jaffe’s , but the help never arrived because the board ran and Pahuja’s terrific run came to an abrupt end.

Thanks in part to busting Pahuja, Jaffe went into the heads-up battle with Sivagnanam holding a 16,000,000 to 5,935,000 chip advantage, yet it still took 81 hands before Jaffe claimed the victory.

Ratharam Sivagnanam

Ratharam Sivagnanam: 2nd Place for $313,318

Amazingly, the final hand was the only hand where the players were all-in during heads-up play. That hand saw Sivagnanam raise to 400,000 and Jaffe raise to 1,400,000. Sivagnanam responded with a 5,225,000 all-in four-bet and Jaffe called instantly.

Sivagnanam turned over and Jaffe the . The dealer fanned the flop, keeping the ace-high of Jaffe as the best hand. The turn was the , which changed nothing, and when the completed the community cards, Sivagnanam bust and Jaffe became the WPT Montreal champion!

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2014 partypoker WPT Montreal Main Event Final Table Results

Place Player Prize (CAD)
1 Jonathan Jaffe $463,432
2 Ratharam Sivagnanam $313,318
3 Mukul Pahuja $201,920
4 Kevin MacPhee $149,340
5 Samuel Chartier $111,820
6 Guillaume Nolet $90,350

Next up for the WPT is the ever-popular WPT Five Diamond Poker Classic at the Bellagio, Las Vegas, The $10,400 buy-in Main Event runs from December 15 through to December 20 and will attract some of the biggest names in the business as it always does.

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