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The final table of the 2014 partypoker World Poker Tour (WPT) Montreal Main Event is set after the 18 players who returned to the Playground Poker Club for Tuesday’s Day 4 were reduced to only six on Day 4.

First to fall on Day 4 was Edward Arnold in a hand that trebled Kevin MacPhee‘s stack. Maduka Meragal limped in from early position for 20,000 and Ratharam Sivagnanam raise to 65,000 in middle position. MacPhee called from the hijack seat, Arnold called from the small blind and Meragal made the call, too.

The flop fell and Arnold moved all-in for 348,000, Meragal folded and Sivagnanam came over the top for more than 2,000,000 chips! Amazingly, MacPhee snap-called off his 480,000 and the cards were revealed.


Such a cooler of a hand, with two players flopping sets, MacPhee’s being the best hand of the trio. The turn was the , which gave Arnold a set and when the completed the board Arnold busted and MacPhee doubled through Sivagnanam.

Kevin MacPhee

Kevin MacPhee can’t believe his luck!

Following Arnold to the rail were Jeremie Damret, Jeffrey Mulder, Phong Truong, Maduka Meragal, Maurice Hawkins, Alexandre Blanc, Kevin Hislop, the latter setting the unofficial 10-handed final table.

It took 40 hands before a player busted from the final table in the room, that player being Sheraz Nasir whose couldn’t get there against Jonathan Jaffe‘s .

Nine became eight 12 hands later when Marc-Andre Ladouceur‘s deep run came to an end. Ladouceur got his chips in with and was against the of Samuel Chartier. The board ran (Jaffe had folded face up) and Ladouceur was gone.

Lonnie Hallett

Lonnie Hallett can’t bear to look.

Eleven hands later, Lonnie Hallett had his emotions put through the wringer before busting. Hallett thought he was going to double through Jaffe when his caught a king on the flop to go ahead of Jaffe’s , but the river was the , improving Jaffe to a hand-winning set and leaving Hallett high and dry.

Play ended for the night five hands later when Sivagnanam raised to 120,000 from early position, Phillip Hui raised all-in for 1,615,000 from the big blind and Sivagnanam called. Hui’s was in bad shape against the of his opponent, but he went into the lead on the flop. Hui stayed in front on the turn, but the river completed a flush for Sivagnanam and Hui was gone.

2014 partypoker WPT Montreal Final Table

Seat Player Chips
1 Jonathan Jaffe 7,495,000
2 Samuel Chartier 2,065,000
3 Guillaume Nolet 2,060,000
4 Kevin MacPhee 1,570,000
5 Ratharam Sivgnanam 6,845,000
6 Mukul Pahuja 1,900,000

Leading the televised final table at the start of play of the man who began Day 4 in the same position, Jonathan Jaffe, although Sivagnanam is only 10 big blinds behind him at the top of the chip counts.

Mukul Pahuja

This is Mukul Pahuja’s fourth WPT final table in the past 12 months

Going to war with Jaffe and Sivagnanam are Samuel Chariter, Guillaume Nolet, Kevin MacPhee and Mukul Pahuja who has reached his fourth WPT final table in 12 months, which is quite ridiculous!

Play resumes at 15:00 ET with each player guaranteed CAD $90,350, but with CAD $463,432 up top, none of the six finalists will want to collect that sum. Good luck to the six superstars!

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