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No man has seen more minutes of Premier League action than Jesse May, ahead of Premier League Poker VII he shares his five favourite hands from the six that have gone before.

Hellmuth makes the call of the Premier League – Premier League III

Everyone loves to hate on Phil Hellmuth but I love it when he makes great calldowns. One of the best was when he was heads up with JC Tran in a heat of Premier League III.

Tran check-raised the flop, bet the turn and set Hellmuth all-in on the river. All Phil had was third pair, he could only beat a bluff but he called and he’s the only one in the world who would’ve (36:20 in):

Sam Trickett versus Antonio Esfandiari – Premier League VI

Trickett and Esfandiari had been going back and forth the entire Premier League, they had all their history from the One Drop and you just knew Trickett wanted payback. And he got it, he knew Esfandiari needed a good finish in this heat and he gets Esfandiari to lay down kings. Esfandiari put him in the tank, smelt a rat but just couldn’t pull the trigger: (3 mins in)

Luke Schwartz versus Daniel Negreanu – Premier League IV

Schwartz was all but in the Premier League final, so much so that he was spending more time at the Blackjack table than the poker table. Daniel Negreanu was aware of this, so when Schwartz came back he knew that Schwartz could only call his shove with aces…

Tom Dwan versus The Jungleman – Premier League V

Tom Dwan, Vanessa Selbst and The Jungleman were three handed in the final heat of the Premier League V. Dwan needed Selbst out next, Selbst needed Dwan out next and as for Jungle he just needed a top two finish to get to the final. But he just didn’t get it! (41:10 in)

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