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They say you only remember the hands you lose, if that’s the case then these five players will remember the following hands to the day they die.

1.) Sammy Farha versus Oliver Hudson

If busting on the first hand of any poker tournament is sickening, busting on the first hand of the WSOP Main Event must be the equivalent of food poisoning. That’s what happened to Oliver Hudson – son of Goldie Hawn – back in 2005.

2.)Patrik Antonius versus Andrew Robl

With four hole cards, top pair on the flop is not a big hand in Pot-Limit Omaha (PLO). Facing a bet from Patrik Antonius that’s what Andrew Robl held in a televised cash game at The Aussie Millions. “There’s just no way Andrew Robl can continue in this hand,” said the commentator just seconds before Robl moved all-in. Antonius called to create a $262,200 pot and was a 73% favourite to win it. They decided to run the turn and river four times, Robl won them all.

3.) Toby Lewis versus Andrew Robl

Andrew Robl makes his second appearance on this list and it seems the Poker Gods have a sense of humour as this time he was on the receiving end of a brutal cooler. It happened in the Party Poker World Open VI and as his opponent Toby Lewis said: “It’s ridiculous such a stupid hand.” Whilst Jesse May said: “I’ve never seen it before in all my years in poker.” Watch the two protagonists explain the hand.

4.) Justin Phillips versus Motoyuki Mabuchi

Making a royal flush in the WSOP Main Event is the stuff dreams are made of. Making a royal flush and finding an opponent with quad aces, well that’s just ridiculous.

5.) Phil Hellmuth versus Ernest Wiggins

Given the amount of vitriol Phil Hellmuth dishes out when he suffers a bad beat it always makes it that much sweeter when he suffers one. And, when it’s an amateur who’s inflicts the beat it’s hard to feel sorry for the Poker Brat.


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