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Russian partypoker player “Jeksontuk” got his grind on last week and excelled in The Terminator and The Ocean’s Daily Legends tournaments. His immense performances in these $11 buy-in tournaments resulted in him finish top of Leaderboard 3 in our ongoing Legend of the Week promotion. This is his story.

Jeksontuk is almost 30-years-old and lives in St. Petersburg with his wife and two-year-old son, but the family is heading to Sochi when winter arrives.

“At the moment I live in St. Petersburg but as my parents say, my wife and I are still gypsies, so as we did last winter, we will go to Sochi. During the day I look after my two-year-old son, and in the evening I earn money for his diapers!”

“Poker became my main source of income in May 2020, although I should probably consider the actual date to be September 27, 2020, because that’s when I played my first session after joining the FunFarm school.”

Jeksontuk has already managed to win some Legend of the Week prizes in February and march before winning Leaderboard 3 last week. Computer problems had prevented him from grinding at partypoker until a couple of weeks ago, but he returned with a bang after upgrading his laptop.

“Just like in February or March, I won the Terminator, doing so on a Thursday. Winning this tournament guarantees you will finish high on the leaderboard. I looked at the standings and saw myself in 5-7th place. I tend not to play freezeout tournaments, so my only chance to climb higher was to succeed in The Terminator on Friday and Saturday. Both days I finished in the money places.”

Getting Lucky on the Money Bubble

One of those cashes was quite fortunate because Jeksontuk was all-in on the money bubble. He found himself all-in with pocket queens against a big stack’s superior kings with only three or four players before being in the money. He lost the hand and busted, but several others crashed out at the same time, and he finished in the first in the money spot!

“After that, I was in second place on the leaderboard and sat down on Saturday determined to finish in first place. For a long time it was a balancing act because I had a fairly short stack, but I managed to be disciplined and reach the money places. After the tournament, I refreshed the leaderboard and suddenly saw myself in first place. I spent the rest of the evening refreshing , and fortunately, I managed to stay in first place.”

Some of the tickets won by Jeksontuk are way above his usual buy-in range. Luckily for him, he can consult the coaches at the FunFarm school.

“I will consult with the guys from FunFarm who play similar limits. I suppose I will play a PKO where I can earn something from knockouts without having to be ITM. Playing in a $320 will be the most expensive tournament for me. It will add pressure, especially because I play 15-30 times cheaper tournaments, but it will be a good experience however it ends.”

This will not be the last time we see Jeksontuk’s name on the Legend of the Week leaderboards because he is a huge fan of the format.

“I really like the specific format of the leaderboard. Since it takes place in daily regular tournaments, these are the major tournaments of the room where there are good fields and decent prize money. Winning these tournaments you receive tickets as a bonus for the opportunity to shoot at significantly higher limits.”

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