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We’ve definitely got our hands full with the Million Dollar Hand. Our latest promotion has proved to be a phenomenal success since launching just a couple of days ago. In fact, after just 24 hours from its launch on Wednesday (11th March), 3,214 players had won a hand, 4,617 winning hands had been paid and more than $50,000 had already been paid out to our eager players.

After 48 hours we’d seen the creation of 3,916 pairs, 424 two pairs, 203 three of a kinds, 32 straights, 23 flushes, 13 full houses and six four of a kinds.

A spokesman said: “At the moment we only have the figures for the first 48 hours but we’re pleased with the positive feedback this promotion has received from players. Importantly, we haven’t been on the phone to our insurers yet as a royal flush hasn’t hit, but we’ve still got until the 22nd March to walk the tightrope.”

In the Million Dollar Hand, players at our real money tables will get a playing card for every 15 PartyPoints they earn up until 22nd March. They will then receive a guaranteed cash prize once they’ve built a five-card hand and they reveal a pair or higher.

Will you get a prize-winning hand? Find out more on the Million Dollar Hand promotion page now.


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