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Yesterday was a great day to be a loser at as our Bad Beat Jackpot was hit not once but twice in less than nine hours.

Thanks to our special tables where we’ll pay out when you lose out with four 8s or higher, two would-be unfortunates walked away with massive payouts instead of the usual hard-luck stories.
And for player FriendlyFrog, who claimed a sweet $276,268.29 with the first jackpot of the day, the entire experience has yet to really sink in.

FriendlyFrog, also known as Erik, said, ‘Normally a pot of maybe $30 is considered a fairly large in my games. To win more than $276,000 is something I haven’t even dreamed about.

‘My heart nearly stopped when the hand ended; it was one big surprise. I just walked around the house for a while before contacting your lovely support staff to confirm my winnings. I could hardly speak a word when I got the confirmation.’

Erik’s payday arrived when his four jacks lost out to player Rolf56111’s four aces.

Erik explained, ‘I flopped four of a kind jacks with J-10-J on the board. I checked the flop as did the other player in the hand. And ace came on turn and we both checked again. Another ace on river and my opponent made a small bet. I raised to get something from my hand, he re-raised and I went all-in. I was surprised to see I had actually lost the hand and did not think of the jackpot until I noticed the pop-up window.’

Now he’s got all that extra cash, what will Erik be spending it on? Our very lucky loser said, ‘I will hopefully use the winnings wisely. We are planning to get a bigger place to live and this makes that a bit easier. I will also treat myself to a new guitar.’

Our first Bad Beat Jackpot on 8th March paid out as follows:

FriendlyFrog – $276,268.29 (Bad Beat Jackpot winner)
Rolf56111 – $138,134.14 (hand winner)
ZergRush1337 – $69,067.07 (player in the hand)
paulapok – $69,067.07 (player in the hand)

Later in the day, Dickson_AA lost out to bitterbittor but still managed to collect $60,926.88 for the second bad beat of the day after the jackpot had reset.

The full payouts were as follows:
Dickson_AA – $60,926.88 (Bad Beat Jackpot winner)
bitterbittor – $30,463.44 (hand winner)
ABC74123 – $7,615.86 (player in the hand)
LadyNany – $7,615.86 (player in the hand)
speeduwe – $7,615.86 (player in the hand)
y3sguy97 – $7,615.86 (player in the hand)

The Bad Beat tables are where it pays to lose. Find out how you can play on the Bad Beat Jackpot page.


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