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The latest big winner on is player SuperTight31 who’s more than $163,000 richer after blitzing the competition in March’s Monthly Million.

We got in touch SuperTight31, also known as Irina from Russia, and here’s her story:

“Thanks for your congratulations.

“I’ve been playing card games since I was young but started off with easier games like bridge and solitaire. After several years I thought I’d start playing poker. It’s such a dynamic and unpredictable game, that’s why I liked it. Soon after, I became really interested in tournaments with big prize pools.

“I’ve been doing my best to participate in all of’s Sunday tournaments, such as 300K Guaranteed Sunday and this new Monthly Million. I even managed to take 13th place in the very first Monthly Million and that really excited me.

“In this tournament, though, I was lucky more than once at the final table; I twice won against a pair of aces! As regards the winnings I have a lot of plans and it is difficult to just one thing to do with the money. I am still thinking what do with it all.

“I do not consider myself as an expert so I don’t think I can give advice. All I can say is just trust your instincts and do not be afraid to take risks. I like to take risks and am not afraid to raise the stakes when I feel that the opponent may surrender.”

Do you want to be telling the world your story after you take down the next Monthly Million? If you want to take part in the next tournament with a guaranteed $1 million prize pool on 5th April find out how you can qualify on the Monthly Million page.


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