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Imagine losing with quads. Gutting.

Now imagine losing with quad aces. Heart breaking.

Surely there’s no bright side to a hard luck story like this. Well, there is if you’re playing on’s Bad Beat Jackpot tables.

This is the situation player Pippadee555 found herself in this morning. But instead of leaving the table with cracked aces and a tale a woe, our lucky loser walked away with a massive $107,320.52 payout from our Bad Beat Jackpot.

Just hours after her huge win Pippadee555, known to her nearest and dearest as Susan Walker, told us: “When I flopped trip aces and the guy to my right called my re-raise I knew another good hand was out there. Another ace flopped to give me quads but he hit the straight flush on the river.”

Susan, 53, plans to buy a new a new car as well as a trip to Vegas with her winnings. And as for advice to you lot out there, the police officer said: “I play to the strength of my cards and observe opponents’ betting patterns. I recommend you manage your bankroll and be patient.” Sage advice.

The full payouts in this Bad Beat Jackpot were as follows:
Pippadee555 – $107,320.52 (Bad Beat Jackpot winner)
m_olm – $53,660.26 (hand winner)
BennyRaspel – $13,415.07 (player in the hand)
d1mok – $13,415.07 (player in the hand)
missung555 – $13,415.07 (player in the hand)
rudi087 – $13,415.07 (player in the hand)

Somewhere else and Susan’s loss would have meant a bad beat that’s up there with the best. But luck out with quad 8s or more on our Bad Beat Jackpot tables and you’ll actually be in the money.

Find out how you can play on the Bad Beat Jackpot page.


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