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Isildur1 to play PartyPoker Big Game

Click to watch the Big Game here on PartyPoker Blog!

UPDATE: Isildur1 will not play after all!

I have some brilliant news. Isildur1 has accepted my offer to play in the Big Game IV in London. I spoke to him this morning and he has confirmed he will accept my offer to fully stake him for the event. I am delighted but I am going to crush him!

The question you all want the answer too is will he reveal his identity? This is what I am discussing with him at the moment, he is seriously thinking about just revealing himself to the world but the mask offer still stands! I will update you on this soon.

Email from Isildur1 himself confirming his attendance

Ah, ok, you are saying if he does wear a mask you could just put some random person in it as Isildur1 could be anybody? Let me reassure you this is not the case – there are only three people who have seen the email from Isildur1 himself confirming his attendance. I am hardly going to publish it now am I? Trust me, this is the real Isildur1 whether he is in a mask or not and if he decides he does want to keep his identity secret I will provide evidence to prove that it is the man behind the avatar.

How much is this going to cost me? In all honesty, I don’t really know at the moment and I don’t care. I will destroy him even though I am staking him with have my own money. Why would a multi-millionaire like Isildur1 need staking by me? Good question, I get the point – he could be on a downswing by then but look at it this way – would you turn down a complete freeroll?

I count him as a friend

I have got to know Isildur1 over the past few months – I count him as a friend. I really cannot wait…this will be the biggest poker event in history. I would like to thank Eddie Hearn from Matchroom Sport and my sponsors at for their help with this. The Big Game IV is going to be immense. Isildur1’s presence and adding evictions and walk-on’s to music is going to take the game to a new level!

The countdown is on… and I will be bringing my bike…



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  2. Do you know who else will be playing this event, Tony? Or are you not allowed to talk about it?

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  4. @ Lee – Luke Schwartz, Phil Laak, Jennifer Tilly, Isaac Haxton and others.

    funny this stake , isn’t the game $25/50 blinds? with buyins from $5000 and up ? LOL a millionaire like isildur getting staked for 10k buyin :)

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  6. ‘Ah, ok, you are saying if he does wear a mask you could just put some random person in it as Isildur1 could be anybody?’

    How in hell do we know its Isildur even if he’s not wearing a mask!! lol…

  7. This is just a joke for the 01. April.

    I dont want to play this live cash game.


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  9. Poop Rangler on

    the rest of the line up is pretty weak.. jennifer tilly?? wtf. oh well, at least we can stair at her tits.

  10. This Isildur1 nonsense has gone on long enough.What is this poker or wrestling.Take your stupid mask of and stop being a twat.What you gonna sit there and play the WSOP for all those hours with that stupid mask on?.Your a grown man for god,s sake so stop acting like a retarded wrestling fan and take the mask of.You are a relation of Tom Dwans anyway i know that much passing money back and forward to each other making publicity.

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