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I got an SMS from Isildur1:

“Sry for not coming, take care bud.”

I am afraid I am going to have to break the news that Isildur1 will not be coming to the Big Game IV at Les Ambassadeurs in London this weekend.

Eddie Hearn, the event organiser and Managing Director of Matchroom Sport, personally spoke to Isildur1 and his manager and confirmed this to be the case.

To say I am disappointed is an understatement

To say I am disappointed is an understatement. I have spent so much time talking to him and reassuring him recently but he’s just not going to come. We agreed a 50/50 staking deal, it all started out with personal contact and then in recent hours managers/agents got involved as you would expect.

It has left a bad taste in my mouth. What you have to understand is that he reached out to me first and asked and then agreed to play. As far as I am concerned I am washing my hands with him and moving on. On your bike!

Isildur1 has some personal issues to attend

I was going to fly Isildur1 and three of his friends to London and everything was all set. He mentioned that he didn’t think that the stakes were big enough but we had agreed to make the game much bigger when he came in! As I said before, I wanted to make him bleed from the mask and that opportunity will come!

Isildur1 has some personal issues to attend too, I know for a fact that he is soon taking his driving test – good luck Isi! What might your first set of wheels be? A Dodge Viper? I have had confirmation from the authorities that he will be present in Monte Carlo.

I have wired in a lot of money

I cannot wait for the Big Game IV. My walk-on is ‘Bicycle Race’ by Queen though there was talk of the James Bond theme ‘From Russia With Love.’ I am going to crush them all. There is a new eviction process but I will not be needing to use that as it is bust and bike time! I have wired in a lot of money…

By the way I have brought an amazing player with me to London, unfortunately it isn’t Isildur1. This guy is special. I am thinking about putting him in a mask…



  1. Yakskywalker on

    Wow Isildur1 is barely old enough to drive. I’m sure there’s some age issues surrounding the man in the mask. Who ever Isildur1 is, he is a scumbag TAX DODGER and Full Tilt should be FULLY ACCOUNTABLE for his tax dodging and expose his name to the authorities or suffer the consequences that we all face when we don’t pay our government. Isildur1 might have to move to USA where I’ll hunt him down and kick his ass for being so disrespectful to The TONY G. He is the captain of the ship and no kid should be jerkin him around.

  2. Give me a break. You used him as a marketing ploy to gather attention for the show. Everybody knew weeks ago this wouldn’t happen. Way to ruin your credibility.

    • and you think that wouldn’t b sued for doing such thing?
      you think that people can do and say anythink they want on the internet? you think that nobody is accountable.

      grow up

  3. Hey guys, read this post carefully!!! Especially the last sentence:

    By the way I have brought an amazing player with me to London, unfortunately it isn’t Isildur1. This guy is special. I am thinking about putting him in a mask…

    Who the hell would be in the mask than Isildur1???

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  5. How can you tell when a professional poker player is lying?
    A: His chips are moving

    tony G ur chips r moving fast sir.

  6. “Way to ruin your credibility.”

    Hehe, good one.

    Sure enough, pokerplayers are dumber than the average guy, but show me ONE who believed Antanas Guoga was bringin in Isssil here!

    Lol is the word.

  7. why they do such a story with that guy. I’d like to know who he is but I don’t care that much about it. I’m not gonna regret it if I die without knowing that imho.

    I think that most ppl think like me.

  8. response to Yakskywalker on

    Yakskywalker, before you post crap like i think that you should research alittle about the way poker taxes work here in sweden. in sweden you have to pay a 30% tax on EVERY hand you win(on a pokerroom outside EU). so if you are a cg player in sweden, do you really belive that you can pay taxes? just do the math and you will see that just about every player in sweden would be in so much debt that they wouldnt be able to pay it off during a lifetime even if they are winning players.

  9. isildur1’s tax debt from a single, very active week would be as much as all the rest of sweden’s tax debt from the same period.

    hard to believe they have not fixed this per pot tax. seems like they are forcing the swedes into either tax evaders or eventual emigrants.

    blonde’s really ARE st00pid.

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  11. i was looking forward to seeing isildur1 hmmmmmm Tong G are u isildur1????????????