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MonthlyMillion PartyPoker winner Redcard21Every first Sunday of the month is the Monthly Million Sunday time. We got in touch with Redcard21 who won Monthly Million in March. Here is what he had to say…

How did poker become a part of your life and how long have you been playing for?

Like many people, I started playing with friends after seeing poker everywhere on TV in 2003. The next summer I played a little at the casino and in 2005 began online.

What and/or whom has helped you learn how to play?

It’s been a gradual accumulation of experience for the most part. Luckily I was still playing for five bucks with friends when I learned not to bluff every hand.

Which players would you be sat with at your dream poker game? Any specific location?

My dream poker game would be against people who barely know the rules, but I would make an exception for Jason Alexander because he is awesome.

How did you get started on PartyPoker?

I tried a few sites when I started out, and Party, being very visible and reputable, happened to be one of them.

You won $169,472 – what will you do with your winnings?

I’ll be investing it, despite a friend’s suggestion that I fill up my apartment with coins and swim around in it Scrooge McDuck style. The main use of the money will be giving me peace of mind.

Tell me how the tournament went, what were the key moments? What key hands and big decisions did you have to make?

During the mid stages I thought I made a lot of good decisions, making good marginal calls of all-in reraises such as A-J, where my opponent showed K-J, and 7-7, where my opponent showed A-K. At the final table I was much more lucky than good.

I won two coinflips for my tournament life (K-10 vs. 8-8 and later 8-8 vs. A-10) and then sucked out Q-3 vs. A-Q to knock DegenSicko out in 3rd. I can at least be proud of a hand with 8 players left where the small blind open-shoved for almost 1.5 million chips with blinds at 50/100k and in the big blind I called with Q-9s. My hand held up against his 10-8.

What goals do you have as a poker player? Will this experience change the role of poker in your life?

For awhile I’ve vaguely had my eye on trying to satellite into some big buy-in events, and this might spur me to actually start trying that a little. For the most part though I plan to play the same games (including of course the Monthly Million).

What is your advice for players who want to emulate your success in the next Party tournament?

Persistence is important. I think Tom Smykowski from Office Space said it best when he said “Just remember, if you hang in there long enough, good things can happen in this world.”

Monthly Million is on again this weekend, will you be the next Million winner?


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