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Ian ‘The Razor’ Frazer finishes in 8th in the 2009 WSOPE $2,500 buy-in PLH/Omaha


Frazer goes deep again in his second WSOPE event, making the final table. That’s now two deep cashes in two events – save first place for the Main Event Razor!


Here’s how the one and only danafish from pokernews described Ian’s exit.

Gryko opened the pot with a raise to 17,500 from the button. Erik Cajelais passed from the small blind and when the action reached Frazer, he raised the pot.

“Let’s just get it all in,” said Gryko, reraising and putting Frazer all in. A call was made and the following showdown ensued:

Gryko: Ac 6d
Frazer: Kh Qh

The flop came an intriguing 10c Jc 6s, giving Frazer an open-ended straight draw. His overcards were live as well against Gryko’s pair of sixes.

The turn and river finished out 4h 7c and Gryko’s sixes would hold to win the pot, eliminating Frazer from the tournament in 8th place.

After the hand, Gryko stacked up just over 165,000 in chips.


Play resumes this afternoon five handed. Mats Gavatin is the chip leader, with Men the Master looming not far behind…




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