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35-year-old Gary Scharkov from Toronto, Canada found a great way of paying for his recent honeymoon! A Palladium Lounge Elite member, Gary recently took has newly wed wife, Rachel, 29, for a week at a luxurious resort at Jade Mountain in St Lucia by cashing in 55,000 PartyPoints!


Palladium Lounge Elite members are entitled to the use of the industry leading concierge service once they reach the highest tier of the PartyGaming VIP programme and Gary is the first person to utilize his points for a honeymoon. If that wasn’t enough of a benefit, Gary returned from his $12,000 honeymoon to watch U2 live in Toronto from a specially hired box that he shared fellow Palladium Lounge members.


“I was looking at how I could use my loyalty points one day and by fluke came across the holiday while looking at the store online,” said Gary. “It is fantastic to be able to use my points for something as important and expensive as my honeymoon. We had a great time, the holiday was top draw and to come back and see U2 live from a box was brilliant too!”


Gary is a regular in the big limit games online at, while his wife Rachel is a mean player herself and also a member of the Palladium Lounge. They first met eight years ago in a local card room and it was love for each other, and poker…at first sight!


“Online poker has certainly given me some good times on and off the table. After the honeymoon and U2 concert the next stop is a trip to Germany for Oktoberfest,” said Gary. “My Palladium Lounge Elite membership is certainly helping me live my life and see the world. After Oktoberfest, I also have my eye on the BMW you can see in the PartyStore!”


A spokesman said: “Gary and Rachel have found that Palladium Lounge Elite membership has some seriously good spin offs. To our knowledge, he is the first player ever to utilize his loyalty points for a honeymoon. That said, in March 2006 attorney Gary Suffir and artist Jackie Johnson got married, with Mike Sexton as a witness, after meeting by playing against each other online at”


PartyGaming Plc introduced the Palladium Lounge for top players last year. Collect more than 9,000 reward points a quarter, and a player immediately becomes a member of this exclusive club, where they enjoy exceptional service with the personal touch. There’s also an even more exclusive level of membership: The Palladium Lounge Elite is for members who earn over 50,000 points per quarter.





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