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Ian Frazer PartyPoker winner

Ian Frazer is in Las Vegas at the WPT Doyle Brunson Five Diamond Classic. The first WPT report was published last week. The following is Ian’s experience from the day 3, and it includes sidebets with Antonio Esfandiari. Plus another Frazer video poker tip and a chance to play Ian heads-up for $500.

WPT Bellagio Las Vegas Day 3

Well not the best start for the main event, I am told, cards in the air at 1pm. So I wander down around 1.15 to miss all the kafuffle that goes on at the start of a big tourney, only to find the first level was nearly over DOH!

It started at 12pm and there are 5 x 1hr 30mins levels each day with 60k in starting chips. My table looks ok-ish at first glance, but I find out pretty quick that I have the winner of the $5k tourney two days ago and $5k WSOP bracelet winner to my left and next to him is Baldwin who has just been voted Card Players, player of the year and also won the $1k rebuy tourney for a cool payout of $200k, Elky came 8th by the way and needed 7th to break even is that mad or what. Further round is Jimmy Tran so there is not going to be any easy spots for stealing.

The $5k winner to my left is pretty much centre of attraction, he seems to be in all the big pots and when he passes he claims the 2nd best hand every time (I like this but can see straight through it) His chip stack is up and down like a yo-yo, I figure he won’t last very long or have massive chips early he looks like he’s in a hurry.

He is also the brain in a game for side bets with Antonio Esfandiari and another on the next table. This guys voice is one of those really loud and annoying ones that you would hate if things are not going right for you but fortunately I was okay and it was keeping me very amused. For those of you, who do not know the rules for this game. It is the most stupid, immature, trusting and egotistical way to gamble but better than listening to an iPod I suppose.

Basically two or more players will choose a subject with a number as a spread to gamble on over/under or closest to the line, which the brain declares after telling the players “IM LOCKED IN” ha-ha, you gotta love it. The players take it in turn to decide on the subject for the brain here are a few of the subjects I heard to give you an idea, the stakes are not chicken feed either! Ha-ha it just tickles me no end.

1st Question

Antonio: okay brain how much money do I need not to have an orgasm for 6 months…oh and you know I can do anything right?

Brain: Does this include involuntary?

I am thinking what the hell does that mean! What are these guys ever on?

2nd Question

Another: Brain how many one night stands in Vegas tonight?

Brain: Does a couple count as one or two?

Antonio: Na that’s only one man, and we are not talking hookers here right!

Brain: Okay I am in the tank!

Brain then starts to work out how many bars and clubs and what night it is etc and then declares okay “IM LOCKED IN”…………ha-ha I just cannot believe it these guys are killing me. Last one I promise.

3rd Question

Antonio: Brain how many girls has Bin laden bedded in the last year?

Brain: Do you mean the last 365 days because he is probably dead?

Antonio: well his last 365 days then.

Brain goes through all the rig moral of sayings again and this time he even searches Bin Laden on his iPhone, ha-ha I mean what did he tap in for crying out loud. I haven’t bothered with the other answers but this time brain says okay two.

Antonio: Two! For a man with a billion dollars and a penis Two! are you crazy brain.

I gather he gambled for more, anyway the brain made a really bad play in a 3 way pot and he was out and that was the end of the brain game. (Sob).

Back to the game and I am treading water, nothing much is happening I am on 80k in chips and we are on the last level of the day.

I make a big squeeze after a small raise UTG with 5 callers I hold 10dJd and figure I want to force some play now. UTG passes which I obviously love, but then I get called in two spots. Flop Qc9s6c (that’ll do) I lead straight at it no pause, with half pot bet. I get one call. It is now a big pot and I figure the caller has a suited club ace or even straight & flush draw as this guys range was pretty wide, especially calling down. The turn brings 2d I am so certain I have a good read on his hand so I bet 2/3rds and the guy moves in on me, dam I have got this so wrong, I still have 22k so I pass and he shows 99.

I got the hand so wrong and felt gutted. I then found myself all in later after my pre-flop raise hit 2nd pair with a flush draw against top pair and that was the end of my WPT.

Ian Frazer’s poker tip of the week

Ian Frazer’s Christmas bounty tournament is on this Sunday. Last week Ian discussed how to play against crazy loose poker players, the week before he discussed strategy for early levels of tournament play. The tip of the week is on why you need to concentrate if you want to be a winning player.

Head over to the Partypoker Facebook page for details on how to you can win a $500 head-to-head match against Ian Frazer.


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